Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yesterday was a good day and I really believe that it had to do with Choosing Joy. I could have been a grumpy monster but instead I took on the challenge of still being nice and doing things to keep us busy. I started the day with a morning dr's appt. I prayed about whether I should go or not and decided that since I haven't actually met the new doctor, I'd keep up with my old doctor until I know I'm trading The appt went fine, actually, it was a nice break from tantrum boy and chocolate I got home just in time to figure out what was for lunch. I decided to treat everyone to take-out pizza and bread sticks. It was a BIG hit and as we were sitting down to eat my mom showed up. We invited her to share and we had a nice lunch all together. She had come over for the Honeybaked Ham coupons (Eric's work gives them as gifts each year for Christmas and we haven't been using them lately so I had a few saved up.) and wondered if the older kids would like to make some money working for her today. We all decided to go and I ran some errands with her to Walmart and the Ham store and the kids cleaned out her linen closets and pantry. We had a nice time visiting and while we were running errands, Isaac took a small nap and Evie went with us. After the work was done, I took Isaac and Allison home and we began cleaning my house. Whenever Evie isn't here we try to get the house in good order. For some reason, she's the only person that keeps the house a By the time Jon and Evie were home, every room was clean except the two littles bedrooms. I'm going to do those today since Eric is now officially home for the holidays! WhooHoo! It shouldn't take long and then we can enjoy a nice clean house for Christmas.

We had leftovers for dinner since I had made two dinners the night before and we had plenty. Isaac slept in his own bed last night, WHAT a blessing! I even got some of that elusive sleep stuff that everyone is always talking about. It's nice, but I'm not sure if I could handle it on a regular basis.lolol I think it'd make me too

We're having some issues with Isaac. My sweet little baby has turned into "Tantrum Boy", some sort of super villian that's only goal is to wreak havoc and distruction where ever he goes.lolol We KNEW he had a temper from the very beginning but this is getting old. He's been putting on productions every half-hour every day for the past couple of days. What to do? Usually whomever is closest throws a blanky on him and then we leave him be but really how long is this going to last? The whole year?!?!? Ack!lol

Oh well, it WAS a good day and I'm thankful for the time spent with the kids and my mom.




Jodi said...

Glad to hear that you got some of the elusive sleep. Yuck about the toddler tantrums, no good ideas here I can't remember what we did at that age. I must have blocked it out!

Lisa in Jax said...

That's o.k. I seem to forget with each one also. It really doesn't matter what I do, they are all different and won't respond to the same things anyway.lolol

Romany said...

Ahh poor baby (and Mummy)! It must be so hard this time of year for toddlers. Enough unusual stuff and excitement to hype them up, but not old enough to understand everything that goes on.

Just tell yourself, This too shall pass!