Friday, December 15, 2006


lol! Yes, I'm going bananas. So are the kids. On top of all this, my bananas are turning brown. Somehow this past shopping trip I ended up with two bunches of bananas. Have you ever noticed that whenever you try to push a certain item that you bought too much of, that the kids just aren't interested? Well, today I decided instead of begging a child to eat another banana, I'd just turn my bananas into banana bread! It's baking right now and I can tell you now that these particular bananas are going to be fought over.LOL Three down, six to go.

The kids worked on some Christmas ornaments for the grandparents today. They are those Oriental Trading Company foam picture ornaments. Very easy to make and I'm going to print out some photos for them once they are dry. These are the gifts to the grandparents from the littles. They love crafts, almost as much as my first two did at their age. This batch seems to have a little more gusto when it comes to glue and such

The littles have the whiny's today. I really think it's all the changes that the season brings. I'm hopeful for a better day tomorrow. If anything, I need to cling to hope or I'm not going to make

Well, other than the usual cleaning, vacuuming, and laundry that's been our day. I'm thankful that today is Friday, I could use a break.LOL



De'Etta said...

When I get too many bananas (almost weekly as I get 7 lbs a week with co-op) I make muffins as you mention...or I FREEZE them. They are GREAT for smoothies or dipping in chocolate. LOL

We eat as many as we can and then we freeze the ones going bad.

Debbie said...

We eat a lot of bananas, but any left over Bessie makes into bread or muffins, a big hit here.

Emily said...

I know I am probably the only one left on earth who has not made banana bread but it's one thing I have never baked - I am not sure why . . . I need too . . . I guess I will buy double banana's this week and then make some with the banana's I have left!

Lisa in Jax said...

I should have frozen the extra I had Jon make a double batch of bread this morning and something went tragically It was like rubber and I'm guessing that the kids won't be fighting over this.lolol My bread was gone less than one day after I made it. I think we're going to stay away from bananas for a week or