Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sleeping is for (At least that's what I'm telling myself these days.) My men have kicked me out of the bed again. Eric is snoring so loud I can hear him in the kitchen and Isaac was sleeping under my pillow, his favorite spot. Every night that he ends up with us, I wake up an hour later with my head at a 90 degree angle from my body and him snoring under my I do wish he'd stay in his own bed because I can't put him back. I'm just too fat and short to get him in his bed.lolol

Yesterday was a long day. I started the day by deciding to wrap the gifts but first I had to find (I've been storing things away since Sept-Oct and it was like a treasure hunt.) I set the kids to task hoping to keep the littles busy with a small cookie baking activity. They were to make those Mexican wedding cookies. Well, the littles knew that I was locked behind my bedroom door and spent the whole time at the door knocking incessantly.lolol I called it my patience extending activity. After a few more activities like that, I should have the patience of a Jon made the cookies himself and did a fine job. He's really turning into a good cook! I wrapped for a good hour and a half and then gave up because I was tired.

I decided to check the mail since I was waiting on my MIL's gift to arrive from Snapfish and sure enough, it was there! I really love Snapfish. They are FAST! I also had some Christmas cards from friends in Miami. There were some really nice family photos and it was so nice to see how everyone has grown. Isaac wanted to see the picture of my friends kids and Evie was asking me about her best friend down in Miami when Isaac returned the photo that he wanted to see, with a TA-DA! I look, and he had eaten the ink off the photo! ACK! I didn't even know that was possible! Well, I I was picturing stomach pumping and other various things that were unpleasant so I called my He wasn't at his desk so I washed Isaac's mouth and made him drink lots of water and then called poison control. Yes, folks, this makes call number 6. The lady was very nice and told me she'd be more worried if he ate the paper cause it's a choking hazard and said he'd be fine. WHEW! He has now used up his two allotted poison control center calls that I give to each child. NO MORE!!!lolol I'm guessing I'll get a few more gray hairs from this experience.

I am feeling better today but poor Eric is still sick. Please pray that he's feeling better soon and please pray that this is something that we all have had. I thought it was what we just got over but Eric seems to have gotten something much worse and I still have the cough from the last cold. I'm not sure I can handle another illness, especially in the kids. The weather up here is really taking a toll on us. It's been the worst! It yo-yo's crazily every week. One day cold, next day warm and I know that it's wearing us down. I'm doing all that I can nutrition wise but we just don't do well in this type of weather. It was a big concern when we decided to relocate back up here.

Anyway, I made soup for Eric and Isaac and taco stuff for everyone else for dinner. I normally don't make two dinners but I'm chicken souped out from all the illness we've had but felt that Eric needed it. Today is Eric's last day before his break and I'm hoping that he's feeling better and doesn't suffer all day. What a blessing it will be to have him home!



Kristine said...

LOL, "sleeping is for wimps," love it! I had to call poison control for Trevor a couple of times--of course, never for my dd though (the first born girl thing, you know)!

Lisa in Jax said...

lol Yep. That's the first thing that popped into my mind at 5am this morning.

My boys have definitely all used their 2 free calls to poison control but the girls have been conservative and have only used one each. I am truly thankful that nothing very serious has come out of it but it's really getting

Jodi said...

speaking of hidden away gifts I've completely lost a small gift that was to go in my Mother's christmas stocking, oh well she can have it next year- if I can find it by then.

One of my cats has licked photos, never a kid, that I know of. I hate to think of the things they've done that I never found out about. Glad that Isaac was not sick from this event!

De'Etta said...


Praying for all of you.

De'Etta said...


Lisa in Jax said...


LOL I've hidden gifts that I didn't find until summer before and it's probably best not to know everything that goes


Preaching to the choir, girl!lololol