Thursday, December 28, 2006

My menu for the next 4 days...


turkey and ham sandwiches
homemade pizza
mac and cheese


Black beans and rice, salad, bread
Pork chops, noodles, steamed broccoli, and salad
chicken stir fry, rice, and salad
breakfast for dinner

Yesterday we dropped the older kids off at the movies to see Eragon. They said it I know that Allison was really looking forward to it but I tried to prepare her when I'd heard that it wasn't so good. The kids received gift cards for the movies so at least they didn't spend their hard earned money on it. Eric and I walked around the mall for a little while but I really can't stand or walk for too long so we ended up going home to wait for the kids to call us. The mall was really crowded and I guess I was a bit surprised. I just figured that everyone would be spent out by

Today I made my grocery list and went shopping with Eric and the littles. I woke up worn out today and that was all I could accomplish, although I did take a stab at cleaning Evie's room. I accidently left a box of Milk Duds in her room and took a nap.lolol Evidently while I was napping, the littles found that almost full box and ate 2/3's of it. When I awoke, they were running around like little speed demons, chasing each other around the couch and really acting like they'd never be able to settle down. Poor Eric was left with the little monsters and they still haven't eaten dinner. I'm not sure that they'll be hungry

I found out the Evie's been stashing other people's chocolate from Christmas under her bed and eating it after I had been wondering where some of my chocolate went but figured the older kids were sharing with me.lolol Come to find out, they were missing their chocolate also. WHO KNOWS how much she's eaten. I've decided that for life to work around here that we're going to need to go sugar free starting Jan 1st. If it's in the house, her impulse control won't allow her to not eat it.

I did get Issac's room sorted out. His room is now clean and organized, for the I bought new bins and now his new toys have a home. I'll finish Evie's room tomorrow, without the Milk

Jon fixed beans and rice for dinner tonight for me while I napped. I was feeling horrible and needed the rest. I am so thankful to have another cook in the family. I woke to dinner on the table and little ones running like they were given an energy

Well, Eric's already bathed one little and is working on the next one and I feel I should help. He's been a real blessing also. I'm thankful that he really likes to help me out.




De'Etta said...

Hmmm....who will arrive home first - my husband or your baby.....dum da dum! LOL

I had to laugh about Evie. We did find that for diet to work for Zander we had to make home a SAFE place....the others eat what they want when out...but we explained that if he had to always be on the alert when out we wanted home to be a place where he could enter in we made drastic changes last Feb....

Kristine said...

Oh, naughty little girl!! This will be great for those long term memories, "Remember when Evie stashed everyone's chocolate and ate it after bed?!" LOL.

Lisa in Jax said...


LOL I guess we'll find out soon enough!

Well, everything was from a VERY expensive chocolate store and was FG approved, except the Milk Duds that I received for Christmas and figured I'd eat right away.LOL I just can't have Evie eating 20 pounds of FG approved chocolate at night while everyone else is She just can't control


You bet! That's why I write this stuff. It'll be funny by next Christmas.lolol