Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well, we were doing so Isaac had his 11th laser surgery on Tuesday and we've pretty much been at a stand still ever since. His last couple surgeries have gone so well that I didn't think this one would be a big deal, I didn't even ask for prayer. Things were not good this time around. The doctor decided to treat him more aggressively and go over his face twice instead of just once and then the hospital didn't give him tylenol or anti-nausea meds and he ended up throwing up in the car on the way home and on my couch and then couldn't handle tylenol and so the pain got ahead of us. He's been in a lot of pain and his face looks like it hurts quite a bit. I just hate these surgeries. I can only pray that the dr's decision was a good one and that we'll see some major improvement, which would mean less surgeries total and from now on, we'll be more diligent about getting him the meds he needs. For now, I'm on comfort and love duty and learning a lot about patience. Nothing like having a 2 yo with anger management issues who is in pain. It doesn't help to have a big sister who likes to instigate and has major "justice issues" who feels that even though she taunted him, he should get in more trouble since he hit her.lolol I'm beginning to realize I don't have enough hands now that Sophia's here. It's hard to pull those guys apart while holding a newborn. I'm just hoping no one ends up with a black eye.lolol (mainly Oh, and the three hours of sleep I got last night just don't seem to be enough for me so maybe I am a wimp.lolol




Jodi said...

Oh Lisa, I hope things improve soon. Poor little Isaac, sounds like they did too much this time, It must be hard to be so young and in pain. I know it is hard to be a Mommy without much sleep. Prayers for you to get more sleep and refreshing sleep.

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks Jodi,

He's feeling better today and I'm very thankful! I'm pretty used to little sleep but it's harder when you get almost none and then have extra hard things going I'm optimistic that things will be better

Queen Bee said...

So sorry you and Isaac have to go through all of this. Life just doesn't seem fair sometimes. Poor little guy!