Monday, March 19, 2007

My Menu for this week...


Mac and Cheese
Tortilla Pizzas


Beef Stew, biscuits, salad and fruit
BBQ chicken, rice, and salad
Crockpot Beef sandwiches and salad
Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti, rolls and salad or fruit
Beef Stroganoff and salad
Porkchops, noodles, and salad

This week and this past weekend so far I've cleaned two out of three bathrooms, including scrubbing the floors, cleaned Jon's room (ugh.), cleaned most of the house, fed the baby 3.65 million times, went grocery shopping for the first time since Sophia arrived, worked on the laundry (which is taking forever because I didn't realize that the kids had used some of my good towels and then I washed them and got oil in my brand new washing machine. ugh.), and decluttered a few more areas in the house. My plans include for the rest of the week; finishing the laundry, making two crockpot meals that are doubled so I can freeze half, rearranging both little bedrooms in hopes of making those rooms easier to find things in, and picking out a good color paint for Jon's room/school room. I'm thinking blue, but may go with green. LOL We'll have to see how much I really get done. Sophia is getting a little fussy lately and I'm wondering if it's something I'm eating or just a phase. I've had to spend a lot of time bicycling her legs and bouncing her. Some days, that's all I accomplish in a Also, I'm only getting about 5 hours of severely interrupted sleep lately and it's wearing on me. I'm getting tired and cranky. Well, at least I already know that sleep is for wimps.LOL I'm doing o.k. though and I'm choosing JOY in all things.

I was given a real blessing at church yesterday. I had the woman in charge of the youth in church come and tell me that Allison is a real blessing and an amazing young lady. I also had the pastor write on her confirmation paper that her paper was excellent and honest. Sometimes, you NEED outside confirmation that your kids are turning out o.k. and what a timely moment! I've really been worrying about my older kids lately and wondering if they would ever be anything or do well in "real life" and this was just what I needed. I'll post her paper in a separate post.

Well, that's it for now. This has been the only time today when Sophia hasn't been fussy and I don't want to spend the whole time on the computer. Time is precious when you don't have much to




galenaspencers said...

Talk about productive!! ...And you just had a baby. All I can say is WOW! I am still unpacking boxes (a neverending task, I am afraid)


Linda said...

I don't know how you're doing all that, Lisa. Honestly!

Lisa in Jax said...



I hated unpacking last year so I completely understand where you're coming from. Just take it one box at a


One thing at a time.LOLOL That's how I'm getting anything done and never look at your to-do list all at once, otherwise, that's all I can accomplish in that

Queen Bee said...

Ok. Now I see wht her paper was for. GREAT JOB!