Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Here is Allison's paper...
The Importance of the Third Commandment
by Allison G.

The Third Commandment is, ‘Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy.’ It was one of the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God, on two stone tablets while he was on Mt. Sinai. Remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy does not necessarily mean keep the specific day holy, what it does mean is we should love and honor the sacred Word of God by willingly learning it, and sharing it through out the world. The Sabbath day is the seventh day of creation or Saturday, the day of rest; because he is our rest, it was also a sign pointing to Jesus. Due to the fact Jesus died for us, we no longer have to recognize Saturday, or any of the Old Testament holidays for that matter. How we can honor the Third Commandment is by going to church, respecting the teachings of God’s word, by helping to spread the good news, and by worshiping as a congregation under God.
The Third Commandment is important to the entire world, because without it people would not study the Word of God so there would be chaos everywhere. We should obey the Bible because it tells us what we should and should not do, so if we did not study, learn, and respect it, we would just go around doing whatever we wanted. In addition to that, by respecting the Word of God we are also respecting God. After all that He’s done for us, we should want to study His teachings, and gather together to learn how to be more like Him, so that we can let the rest of the world know of His awesome love and forgiveness. What the Third Commandment means to me is it makes me think before I act, I think about what the Godly thing to do is, or how I can best show the amazing love and forgiveness that God has given me through what I say, and do. I try to obey the Third Commandment because I want to show God that I am grateful for what He has done for me. I have trouble keeping the Third Commandment all the time because sometimes I get angry and just want to yell at someone, like my brother, or I don’t want to wake up to go to church. It is tempting and sometimes I cave into the temptation, O.K. most of the time I cave, but I try to think about what the better choice is, and then I try to make that better choice instead of just thinking about it.There are many ways you can use the Third Commandment to share your faith with your friends or people you know who do not go to church. You can openly talk about how God has helped you in your life, and how he takes care of you every day. You can spread your faith by standing up for what God has done for you whenever someone tries to say something bad about Christians or God. Do not be afraid to be different, do not be afraid to dress different, or act different, and don’t be afraid to discourage anyone who uses bad language. If all else fails there is always the fool proof plan of inviting your friends to church so they can hear the word of God and then maybe they will enjoy church and keep coming back. Only 33% of the world’s population is Christian and that percent is dropping, and I do not think that, that is enough, we need to spread the word of God through all of the nations of the world so that everyone can have God’s wonderful love and forgiveness in their lives. That is why the Third Commandment is important to the entire world.


Kristine said...

Lisa, great writing by Allison. I love to see what other kids are doing, especially when it comes to something less "black and white" like writing. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks Kristine! I was really worried about this paper since Allison procrastinated and actually wrote it the week it was due. I made her rewrite it the night before and it was better but I still saw some things that I would have made her correct but the pastor was impressed. lol Maybe I'm too hard?lol