Friday, March 30, 2007

Here is my new range!!! We have now replaced every single appliance in this kitchen. What a deal we thought we were getting moving into a fairly new Little did we know....and yes, that's a new can opener, toaster, and rice cooker in the photo also.LOL

Note the cool blue

So far, I've cooked dinner on the cooktop, Garlic-shrimp pasta, and it worked wonderfully! Not even one I may get


De'Etta said...

We seem to have the same or very similar stove...of course my oven is still not working because some chip went out...but soon...I think next time it will be quicker for ME to drive to whereever it is they send for parts if you live in W TX. LOL

Lisa in Jax said...

lol Don't tell me this! We tried so hard to find a good brand. Hopefully, they just look similar and aren't related.lolol

This is an LG by the way.

Kristine said...

Yes, I LOVE the blue inside, I noticed it before I read it! If you haven't had a smoothtop before, you will really, really like it!

Lisa in Jax said...

I never have! It's been so nice and cleaning is a breeze! We had a gas stove down in Miami and it was hard to clean but the flat top has been great!

Queen Bee said...

We seem to be doing ok on appliances. We've only had to replace our stove since being in the house and we'v been here 15 years this summer.. oh and I think maybe 1 hot water heater. Other than that they are all the same appliances and washer/dryer that we bought when we were married.

I want a smooth top the next time we do have to buy a stove!