Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I spent all day yesterday cleaning. What a mess my house has gotten into! I worked on my neglected closet, putting away all my maternity clothes and putting things on the top shelf that I couldn't reach the last few months of pregnancy. I can finally walk into my walk-in closet again! I also did the laundry. Now that I've used my washer for 3 wash sessions I can finally say that I like it.LOL It has cut my laundry in half because I can shove so much into the new washer. I also like how clean everything is. The wash times are longer but I'm only doing about 5 loads a day so it isn't too bad. The dryer is drying things MUCH faster also.

I decluttered the dining room today. That's our school room right now and it really needs cleaned at least once a week but I just didn't have the energy so it was pretty cluttered. We are moving the school stuff upstairs to Jon's room in a few weeks so my dining room should be easier to keep up after that. Speaking of Jon's room...ugh! I went up there for the first time in MONTHS and was horrified!!! I just couldn't climb those stairs during the last half of my pregnancy and Jon knew it and pretty much destroyed his room. We are taking everything except his dresser and bed away from him and will use the extra space as a class room for the older kids so that they will have a quiet place to study. Seriously, he destroyed the room. We are going to spend the next 2 weeks cleaning out the room, repainting it, and cleaning the carpet. We are also going to need to re-caulk the bathroom. It'll make a nice classroom though. We are going to purchase three small desks and a new computer for upstairs. That way the kids can do their work up there uninterrupted by little ones. Allison, especially, has had a hard time concentrating with the little ones around and I think this may be the best thing to do.

Basically, my plan is to concentrate on different parts of the house until everything is back in order. Then I'll start our school back up and concentrate on just spending time with my little ones. Eric is going to be waking the older kids up at 6am and they will begin their school work by 7 and hopefully finish by 12. I'm hoping that this will give us plenty of time in the afternoon for extra curricular activities. Allison wants to continue everything that she's currently doing and I'd like to get Jon involved in SOMETHING in the next few weeks. I'm thinking Tae Kwon Do. He's getting to the age where he really needs physical activity daily. Of course the next 2 weeks he'll be cleaning and redoing his room...ugh.

Well, got to go. Sophia is calling for me.LOL




Kristine said...

I can't believe how motivated you are, Lisa! I don't have a newborn (or any kids under, um, 8), and I can't get any of this stuff done! You're amazing!!!!!

Romany said...

I'll second that. I'm so busy, cleaning always drops to the bottom of my priority list. How on earth do you find the time with a little one needing to nurse frequently?

And what do you mean you're putting away your maternity clothes????? Are you slim again already?{g}

Congrats, you sound like you're doing really well.


Lisa in Jax said...


lol! Thanks! I feel good so it's been pretty easy for me to get back to my goals which are a clean and organized home and having more time with my kids.


No sleep Seriously, I just make time. I try not to sit during the day unless I'm feeding the baby.

And YES! I was very good during this pregnancy. I ate healthy and walked daily and I'm 4 pounds from my prepregnancy weight!!! whooohooo!lolol

Jodi said...

All the pictures are great!

Congrats on having most of your pregnancy weight off already, all I can say is WOW!

Sounds like a good plan to have the big kids school area upstairs. eality discipline for Jon but also a quiet space for the bigger kids to work.

Lisa in Jax said...


Thanks! and Thanks!LOL

I'm thinking that the school room will be a great help for the older kids and I think just us being up there will help Jon keep the room in good order. His new bed comes tomorrow and I've finished cleaning his room. I want to paint it sometime, maybe this week, we'll