Saturday, March 31, 2007

In search of the elusive burp...

Daddy says, "Is it in here?"

Sophia says, "NO!"

She's not really sleeping in this photo either, it's her ploy to get us to quit trying to burp her. Of course, if we don't get the burp, we get soaked later.LOL


Debbie said...

Lisa, little Sophia is such a peanut. She looks so tiny in Eric's hands. What a sweet little pink doll she is!

gr8tful4grace said...

What a precious little girl! I just love it when they're this small...of course, I never did like getting soaked either. {grin} ~Yvonne

Lisa in Jax said...

Thank you both! I think she fits right in Sneaky, yet sweet all in one package.

And we don't like the soaking Nothing like changing everyone at, and yes we've done that.

De'Etta said...

Ah the burp - I never have really mastered that.

With Zander we all wore those "hair dresser" shirts you can buy at Sally Beauty was too gross and time consuming otherwise...he was my worse spitter.

Sophia is a doll.

Jodi said...

Oh yes the ellusive burp, I remember those days with one or two of my kids.

Sophia is so cute and it does sound as if she's already fit right in.

Lisa in Jax said...


That's a really good idea! We may just do

And thank you both! She is a sweetie, and a bit sour, all in one.lolol

Kristine said...

TOO cute. There's something about babies with the big guys that is just too sweet. Poor little Sophia with her baby acne. :(

Lisa in Jax said...

Her acne is finally starting to get better. She looked so bad that I quit taking pictures.LOL I had so many people asking what was wrong with her that I finally just started conversations with, My poor little one is having such a horrible time with baby