Friday, March 23, 2007

Isaac is finally starting to feel better today! What a blessing to have my little boy back. We are all taking it easy today since I think we all feel like we've been rung through a ringer.

Allison's 15th birthday is tomorrow!! We still have no idea what to get her. As Eric said, "Something between a box of chocolates and a new car."lol We're so sleep deprived and she got so much for Christmas that it's close to impossible to think of anything. I'm hoping something hits me by tomorrow.

I think I've decided on a light green for Jon's walls and I'm going to accent it with a navy blue comforter and curtains. It should look nice when it's done. We are also going to find some photos for his walls and some of those storage cubes that you hang on the wall for some of his keep-sakes and for school supplies. We already bought 3 desks for his room that we'll set up once the paint is done. We are also in the process of buying a computer so that they will have a computer for school up there. The plan is to give them my old computer and buy me a new one with way more hard drive space. That will make us a 3 computer

I did finish the laundry but now need to start it all over




De'Etta said...

just catching up on some blogs. You're in my prayers...sleep is so important...but so hard to find during some seasons. I slept for 14 straight hours on Wed/Thurs.....let's hear it for sinus infections! LOL

galenaspencers said...

What's with that whole laundry thing? If my children wouldn't insist on wearing clothes and then getting them dirty! I feel like my life is a never ending cycle of laundry and cooking sometimes.


Lisa in Jax said...

I'm glad to hear that you are getting some rest. I hope that you heal up from your sinus infection quickly. I hate those!

Yes, sleep is a very valuable asset right now. Someday, I'll miss these times.lolol


If you figure out the whole laundry thing make sure you tell me. I'm about ready to create my own nudist colony.lolol Oh, and maybe make us all raw food

Kristine said...

Now hush about that nudist colony thing, you might have a younger child that could be interested in that!

What do you mean, you actually finished laundry? I don't know if that ever happens around here, even for a day!

Lisa in Jax said...

lol. True, Evie would love for the rules of clothes wearing to change. And it is possible to finish laundry but usually it only lasts until the next