Monday, October 13, 2008


larger than the average

A few months ago, we purchased one of those umbrella clothes lines to hang our laundry on. It SAID on the box that it could hold 3-4 loads of laundry for the "average family." Well, the "average load" must be extremely small and very light weight, because, for one thing, it only ever held 1-2 loads of our laundry and for the second thing, it BROKE! The sheer weight of our laundry snapped the pole in half. We fixed it once but it has broken again and I'll be replacing it with something much stronger this weekend, if not sooner. Bummer.

Here's my improvised clothes line until further notice...

Sophia seems to like

And, Yes, I'm still working on the messy clothes room. I'm at the point where I must try the remaining clothes on Sophia and she's only a little tolerant of the



Cynthia said...

LOL! Cute clothes line >VBG>

Dorothy said...

We used those lines for years and years. The only time they broke was when toddlers decided to swing on them. {g} I always got an extra large, heavy duty one because I hung sheets, heavy towels etc. 2 loads (and british front loaders have small capacity) was about their limit.

Maybe you need 2 of them?

Dorothy said...

Oh and I don't know if you realised but you do have to hang your washing in a balanced way, You can't put all jeans on one side and all bras on another.

You probably had figured that out though!{vbg}

Jodi said...

He, he he, Sophia is enjoying that laundry hanger!

We had what sounds like the same type of clothes line but it only seemed to hold one load and always threatened to keel over. I pretty much gave up on it.

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks Cindy!lol


You are right, we need more than one line. I was trying to balance each load but we were having some breezy days and down it went. My dad came over and fixed it again and we're hoping it'll work from now on. My dh is going to hang a line in our garage for the winter. That should also help.


Yep, one load seems to be the limit. lol At least for big

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

This strikes me as very funny! ::snort::

I would love to hang clothes out....but there is simply no room in our small yard. You can bet a bigger yard is on my list for the next spot....big enough for a nice long clothes line (unless they move us north again). LOL