Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Daily Ramblings...

Well, I'm not sure that I can call this good but we made it through.LOL Last weekend I fell and hurt my knees. I hit one of our gates at full speed thinking it was open but found that it had locked on the bottom causing me to break it in half and land on top of it. I'm still limping but feeling better. I think once I go to my next dr's appt for an adjustment I'll feel better.

Jon took a vacation last weekend and went with his grandma to Ohio. He had a GREAT time! He got to play in the snow and visit with his great grandparents. What a blessing for him to spend this time with them!

Meanwhile, the littles all have the crud. Nothing serious, just runny noses, coughs, and the like. Makes me not have much time for blogging and other things since everyone feels that I should be holding them.LOL

On Thursday, Jon broke his arm. (Yes, I'm just trying to insert this nonchalantly in the middle of this post.) Not a little bone either. He was doing some sort of fancy move on his roller skates and broke the right arm bone between the elbow and shoulder. He has a temp cast until sometime this next week when we can get him an appt for that. He's fine though. That boy has the highest pain tolerance I've ever seen. In fact he was sure it was just sprained.LOL I'm glad we decided to get it checked out anyway.

Sophia keeps standing up in the middle of the room. We think she'll be walking any day now. What a blessing this little baby is! She's so sweet and keeps us laughing at all her antics.

Allison is fine.LOL At least SHE'S healthy and doing well. Of course, she's off skating right now, so I'll just say a silent prayer that she stays that way.LOL

I've been trimming our food budget. Not sure if I can, I mean, we keep GROWING and that makes food costs increase but since that's the income that we can most control, I'm doing my best, with God's help, to lower it as much as possible. I've spent $114 so far this week and hope to only add $50 more for the whole week. Our usual budget is $250.

Well, I guess that's it.LOL Rough week but we're hanging in there. I even managed to keep up with



Robin said...

Wow, Lisa! When it rains it pours, doesn't it? I will pray all the colds go away quickly and that your knees feel better. Ouch! That must have really hurt. Also for quick healing for Jon's arm.

As for the food budget, we're trying to cut ours right now too and I have the same issue you do -- our family keeps growing. Including pets. Good luck!

Laura in MO said...

So sorry about your difficult week. My goodness.

We are also working on our food budget.... the problem seems to be we cut down on the amount of groceries we buy, but the cost stays exactly the same!!! Every time I go to the store it seems that prices have risen again. Ugh.

Berry Patch said...

You did a good job sneaking in that Jon broke his arm!!?!? Oh my! I'm glad he's doing well with it though. Love all the photos of your kiddos!

Romany said...

Oh poor Jon.

Grace is the person in our house with the highest pain tolerance. It's always tough to judge how bad things might be for her.

When you have a growing family, it might only be possible to hold your food budget at a particular level. Especially when you take into account significantly risen food prices (at least they are here, anyway.) Well done on trying though.

Lisa in Jax said...

Yep, we do seem to run in spurts and fits.LOL Thanks for praying everyone, we could use them.

With the food budget, I've been couponing and that's been helping with our costs. It takes a lot of my time but it's saving us money and since we have more time than money, it's working out.LOL I ended up spending $70 at Publix which means my weekly cost was $184. Not too bad. Every little bit helps.

LOL. Jon REALLY is fine. He's hating the sling but isn't in any pain. He's even planning on a full school schedule.


Yes, Jon and Grace are a lot

We're considering going bulk for our purchases to see if that would lower our costs.

Jodi said...

Go away crud, go away broken bones, replace with lower food prices.

I'm sure that is no help but it was worth a try.