Monday, January 07, 2008

Decorating Through the Year 2008


So far, all I've bought for my challenge room is two handtowels.LOL I've spent $1.00. Target had these towels at their dollar section and they are perfect for the design I'm going for. I found some great brown paint from the first owners of the house and will be using that for the accent color in the bathroom. I think it'll be easier to find coordinating towels and shower curtain in those colors.(green and brown) That also means that I don't have to purchase the paint and can spend that money on photos and things for that bathroom.(yea!)

Normally, I'll be decluttering a room, organizing it, and then decorating it but this room I organized before Christmas so all I need to do is decorate. I think this will be the only room that will be like this.LOL

How is everyone else doing? I'd love to hear your plans for your room, which room you've picked, and if you've found good deals to further your decorating budget. Remember to look around your house for things that will look nice in your room and check around at Target, Walmart, Sears, JCPenney, and Kohls for clearance deals and sales since this is a great time to get things on sale, especially bed and bath stuff.


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