Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Decorating Through the Year 2008


Well, the time has come. I have decided to host a challenge for this New Year! I'm calling it Decorating Through the Year, because that's just what I hope to do. My mission, which I've already decided to accept, is to pick one room each month and DO SOMETHING to make that room ours. I'm also going to be going through that one room and cleaning it, decluttering it, and otherwise fixing it up. I've lived here for almost two years now and haven't really done anything to make this my home. So far, we just live here.LOL That is no longer acceptable to me.

If you are interested in joining me, here's the rules:

1.Write me on this post to let me know! I'd love to keep up with everyone's progress.
2. Post this icon on your blog and on any post that pertains to the challenge.
3. Pick a room and get started! It's already January and you're behind.LOL (Just kidding)
4. If you have a camera, post a before and after. I'd love to glean ideas from you all. Maybe if we all pick different rooms, we can borrow each other's ideas.LOL
5. Try not to spend more than $30-40 dollars. Be creative! Remember that you're going to be going through your whole house and this is not the time to get expensive. I don't want to be responsible for your credit card debt.LOL
6. Pray over each room. Blessing your home will go a long ways to making it yours.
7. HAVE FUN! If you aren't having fun, skip a month. Don't let it become a burden.

So, that's it! I'm excited and already have a few ideas floating around. I can't wait to begin!


Here's a smaller icon for those who need it...



Debbie said...

I'm in, Lisa! I think this is a great idea. A couple of rooms are going through major renovations this year, but those were planned anyway, but most just need some personal touches.

Thanks for the challenge.

Emily said...

I think I am in too. We built our home 6 years ago but I have lots of things I need to do to each room. How do I add the icon to my blog?

Lisa in Jax said...

Great! This is going to be fun!


All you do is right click on the picture and click: save target as, then you just use it as any photo that you have saved on your computer.

momma24 said...

I am seriously thinking about this. I need to redecorate some/all of the rooms in our house to make them 'ours' and without a push, I don't think that I will. So, I will go ahead and do it. WOOHOO!! I know what room I will start with already.

photoJENic said...

I'm in! One small question... Do you have a smaller graphic that we can use? I need one just a bit smaller to use in the posts. Thxs!

Lisa in Jax said...

Sure! I'll get that posted for you.

Donna said...

Yes--just in time! I was planning to do some painting in the kitchen before we get back to school. I'll start there. thanks, Lisa

Lisa in Jax said...

I'm excited to have so many friends along this journey! How fun!

photoJENic said...


Are you going to host a Mr. Linky for this? Or is there going to be a certain day "suggested" for us to post on to our blogs? Just curious....

Lisa in Jax said...


Very good question! I don't know how to do Mister Linky but I'll check it out. I think if we could post once a week, that would help others to learn from each other. I'll get right onto this.