Monday, January 28, 2008

Decorating Through the Year 2008


So, I've been pretty silent about this challenge but I've still been hard at We ended up not painting this go around, it's just been too wet or cold to do so. Maybe next time we hit this bathroom or maybe when I paint the kitchen, I'll hit this room also. We'll see.

Here's the before photo...


Here's the after...

Here's the price breakdown so you can see that I really did stay in budget.

Shower Curtain $10 at Target
Shower Hooks $1.19 at Target
One large Bathtowel on Clearance at Target $4.18
One Handtowel at Target $2.49
One washcloth at Target $1.99
One very cute Froggy handsoap pump at where else? Target...$10.49

Total: $30.34

I like how it's turned out so far! I just need to paint at some point, but that can wait until my knee and hip have recovered.LOL

How is everyone else's challenge going?

My next room will be the kitchen. I will be painting in there and decluttering/organizing. It's a true mess but I've decided to no longer mess around with an easy room.LOL May as well jump in with both feet. Wish me luck!



Robin said...

Looks great, Lisa! I love the colors. I kept meaning to join this challenge and never got to it. Maybe next month!

Heather in Michigan (SHS) said...

What a colorful transformation for just $30, Lisa! Fantastic job!

Kristine said...

Hey, good for you!!! (Wow, that soap thing was $$$!) The bathroom looks great, how much fun. Isn't Allison helping with this? Are you counting it as something like Home Ec, Interior Design, etc.?

Emily said...

That looks GREAT Lisa! What a wonderful job you did!

Laura in MO said...

Oh my - that looks great!! I can't believe you were able to create that much change in the way it looks for such a small amount of money. Although I am sure that a lot of elbow grease was involved. :)

Donna said...

I love the colors, Lisa. It really brightened up the room. I'm planning to do more painting in the kitchen this next week. I'm so ready to get it done.

Debbie said...

Great job, Lisa! It looks super and you did it so frugally.

I hope to update soon (I haven't had time to blog in ages). My is more just adding a few things, not totally changing the look, but I like this challenge because it helps me think about how I want different areas to look.

De'Etta said...

It looks wonderful, Lisa. You took the border down too right? What color ar eyou wanting to paint it someday. I do like the way the colors work now.....

Lisa in Jax said...


That's the great thing about this challenge! You can join any month and stay as long as you'd like.

Thanks Everyone! I really want to paint and I'm thinking it'll be a nice light blue.

Yes, we're using this for credit for Allison. She picked the curtain and helped coordinate the colors. She also cleaned the


lol! Yep, that soap thing almost didn't get bought but Jon really liked it.LOL


Most of my rooms will be just organizing and adding an accent or two. This room just needed more color. I'm not a big fan of lighthouses.


Yep, I took the border down and Allison scraped the seascape off the window. I still need to remove the lighthouse stickers from the cabinet and I'll probably paint when I buy the paint for the kitchen. If the walls weren't in bad shape, I'd probably leave the walls white but it still has the builders grade paint and it's not in great condition.

Thanks for so many compliments!

momma24 said...

That looks wonderful!

I am hoping to finish my room tonight! This was a great motivator for me-Thanks!

Ginger said...

What a GREAT JOB!!! I'm so impressed! Do you do traveling consults? :^)

Jodi said...

It looks nice!

I didn't join the challenge but will surely be inspired by people's make overs.

Cynthia said...

LOVE THE COLORS, Lisa. Target is one of my favorite stores to shop! I love to look at their clearance section everytime we go there.