Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yesterday we woke up to an Evie who had eaten 20 pieces of chocolate while we slept. Let's just say it was a long day, where she ended up in bed early for not listening.LOL

I spent yesterday collecting every piece of chocolate and candy that I could find and locking it in a cabinet with these horribly difficult child locks that no one can undo. I'm guessing we're on a It's worth it though. I'm hopeful that I'll never wake to Evie being a raving monster ever again.lolol

Today has been much better. I had my doctor's appt this morning and everything went well. It looks like this little one is head up right now, so prayers that she turns soon would be appreciated. I got home to kids who were cleaning up the great room for me. How nice is that? I was also told by my dr. to pack my bag soon. I was reminded that I probably wouldn't want my dh packing it for me.LOL So true. It was fun packing the bag and getting to look through all the baby stuff and decide what to bring her home in. It's a little nerve-racking knowing that this baby could come any time between now and 5 weeks. (or if like Evie, 2 weeks after that.LOL) Where did all the time go? I'm just glad to be almost

I think this weekend I'm going to try to get some meals put in the freezer like Kathy. I'm not too worried about it since both of my older kids cook and my parents will probably be sending us some meals but I would like some easy to prepare dinners for when it's my job again. I have to say that when it comes to meal prep, I like the kids to have to do it Not for torture, but for the learning. I even have Allison preparing the menus for the week lately, so I'm sure they'll be just fine. This is the first baby that I don't feel worried about leaving the other kids. They've grown so much these past 2 years since the last baby, that the only thing I need to concentrate on is actually having this baby and then

Well, I guess that's it. I've been pretty low energy lately so I'm trying to save what I have for the things that have to be done. Take care,



Linda said...

Oh no! 20 pieces of chocolate? Was she bouncing off the walls? I need to stock my freezer again, too. We depleted almost everything in December. I love having meals in the freezer, even when I'm not expecting a baby. Maybe we can get together and cook. How far is it from Jacksonville to Citrus County? LOL!

De'Etta said...

How exciting!!! It's getting close. Praying with you that the lil'darling will turn.

Lisa in Jax said...


Unfortunately, Evie is MEAN on chocolate. She was a little beast all day

I'm not sure how far it is but it sure would be fun! You're welcome anytime!


Thanks for praying! I had contractions all night last night so it's definitely getting closer. At least everything is