Monday, January 22, 2007

This weekend went by fast!!! Saturday we went to Mom's early so that we could all get haircuts. We sure needed them.LOL I got the long layers that I was thinking about and I like it. If I get brave, I'll post a photo of me with my new do. Of course I'm gigantic right After the haircuts, Eric, the littles, me and my mom went to a new mexican restaurant for lunch. It was probably the best food I've had in a while. VERY authentic and the lunch specials were extremely large portions and the bill was small. I got the beef chimachurra and it came with beans and rice on the side with lettuce, cheese sauce, sour cream, the ripest tomato slice I've seen in a while and guacamole piled on top. Whew! I had so much left over, it didn't look like I'd eaten any.LOL The children's plate was huge also and the littles couldn't even make a dent. Next time we'll order a lot less food.LOL We stopped by Kohl's after lunch and I got some great deals on jeans for Jon. They were on clearance and cost only 8.50! They also had shirts for 6.oo so I bought him a few. He is so rough on his clothes! I also bought Evie some shorts sets for 2/12.00 and Isaac a cute froggy shirt. My mom bought me a new pair of tennis shoes for my upcoming birthday so even I got something this time.LOL Evie was so bad while we were there that we decided to drop mom off and go home. Isaac fell asleep on the way and slept until 6:30pm. Not He doesn't usually nap but was pretty worn out by then. We had fend for yourself for dinner that night once everyone got home and everyone except Eric, Isaac, and me went to bed early.LOL

Sunday made Saturday look slow. I woke running and that's pretty hard when you're this I needed to get everyone ready for church and of course nothing was ready. Allison was out of pants, so she ended up wearing really nice clothing. Eric got both older kids out the door in time for Sunday School and while he was gone I ironed clothes, got both littles dressed, prepared bottles, got the diaper bag filled with things to keep them busy and Once Eric got back, I realized that we had some paperwork to fill out, two checks to write, and one poopy diaper to change that ended up needing new bottoms also. (So much for being We had hoped to get to church a little early because we were becoming members but if I'm honest, we got there just by the skin of our The service was wonderful. It was a youth led service and was devoted to the topic of cherishing children, born and unborn. What an appropriate service for us to be welcomed into membership. We're probably the largest family in the whole When it was the children's sermon, Allison took Evie up to hear it and Isaac got upset so I waddled on down with him so he wasn't left out. Well, I ended up being an object lesson.lolol The girl leading the sermon asked if the little ones had ever seen a mommy with a big tummy before and sure enough they all looked at Have I said that I love this church? Well, I do. We just fit in so well and even Allison, who was a little skeptical at first told us today that she really likes our new church. What a blessing!

After church, we went to Larry's to eat and the littles were so good. Mom and Dad were there and invited Evie to go home with them and we were happy to let her.LOL We went to Staples to make more copies of her preschool curriculum and then went home so that the older kids could get changed. They were invited to go to the movies with my MIL and so Eric dropped them off while I did some laundry. O.k. a lot of laundry! Evidently, the older kids didn't bring their laundry down the last two times that I did the wash and Allison ran out of clothing. I don't think I've ever done 3 loads of dark clothes I'm hoping that she's learned her lesson. Nothing worse than running out of clothes and since I'm too fat to climb the stairs it's up to After I got the laundry started, I decided it was time to clean the refridgerator. There was this smell that we just couldn't get rid of and I clean it out each week before groceries so it had to be hiding Well, I found it. It was some cocktail shrimp from a month ago that had been put into a baggie and dropped down behind the drawers. Yuck! I scrubbed the whole fridge and it looks great Once I got the fridge clean, I made my menu for the week and then the shopping list. I really had a hard time this week. I guess I got used to Allison making the menu for me and I was clueless on what to Finally, with that done, we went shopping. We decided to go to a different Publix this week since I forgot a lot when we tried Food Lion. It was really nice and now I'm very excited about the new Publix opening up! It opens next weekend. Isaac slept through the whole trip and finally woke as we were leaving the store. He was one confused little On our way home, my mom called and invited us to dinner and I jumped on that without even consulting Eric.lolol I was tired and anyone offering to cook for me was going to get a yes. As soon as I got off the phone, Allison called and said they were on their way home so I told them about dinner and also to help with the groceries when they arrived. We got those groceries put away pretty quick, then I made more bottles and we set off. Dinner was great! Mom made a gigantic ham with cooked cabbage, baked potatoes and carrots, steamed broccoli, canned peas, and salad. She also had blueberry pie and red velvet cake and ice cream for dessert! YUM! I ate so much that I was afraid that it wasn't going to stay down.lolol It did, but right after dinner we decided to go home. I was exhausted! We went home and everyone went to bed pretty quick.

It was a nice weekend and I'm happy that we had so much to do, so that I didn't spend the whole time thinking about the Now I'm two days closer to the big day, whenever that




Kristine said...

Lisa, it sounds like a really great weekend and that you were very productive! Your Mexican food has me practically drooling . . .

WHAT a blessing to find a wonderful church home so quickly!

Lisa in Jax said...


Just thinking of that food makes me hungry! It was the best Mexican I've had in ages!

This church was such a blessing to find. When we moved from Miami, we hadn't had a church home for a couple of years. It just seemed as though nothing was a good fit for our family. When we moved up here, I have to admit we didn't even look for almost a year. We just didn't think that with our little ones, we'd ever fit in anywhere. We were amazed at this church and their positive outlook on children. It's refreshing to go and see so many little ones in the service and to hear so many little ones in the service without having the stares or the ushers ask the parents to leave. We felt so at home here that it took us less than a month to decide to join.LOL We are so happy and I'm so happy that I actually get to hear the sermon each week. It's been years!lol


Emily said...

Mexican is our FAVORITE. We have found a few restaurants that are good too. I am very picky when it comes to chips and salsa . .. I usually base the restaurant on that LOL

Lisa in Jax said...

This place is called La Nopalera. It was really good and I'll be going there next weekend for my birthday.LOL I can't comment on the chips and salsa but Eric and the kids loved