Monday, January 15, 2007

Let's see...Saturday we had the day all to ourselves. My parents took all the kids and so Eric and I did what any normal couple would do if left to our own devices....we cleaned the garage.lolol Yes, folks, we actually spent the day cleaning the garage. After Christmas, it was so bad in there that we could hardly walk in it and with the kids gone we could actually get the thing done pretty quick. When the kids got home they couldn't believe we had wasted the whole day.lolol

Sunday, we decided to try out Sunday school at our new church. I found out that I do not have the energy for Genevieve and Isaac were so wound up that the service was not pleasant. They had fed the littles pieces of giant cookie because one of the teachers was moving and every one of the children who ate the cookie were going nuts in the service.lolol Not just mine.lolol I even had to take Isaac out during the sermon since he felt what he had to say was more important than what the pastor was trying to say. I wasn't the only one who had to leave on several occasions. It was exhausting and I barely made it thorough the whole service. I've decided that I am going to stay home for Sunday school and meet everyone there when the service starts. I was one cranky mom by the time we left.lolol

After church, we went to Larry's where by then the littles were coming down from their sugar high. They were actually pretty good. My parents met us there and took Evie home with them. I went home and rested and Isaac took a I also went grocery shopping. We went to Food Lion this week since I knew that Publix would be out of most things. When we got home, my parents had dropped Evie off and my mom had brought us dinner. What a blessing! I just made a salad and we were good to go. I have been so low on energy lately that coming home to dinner was the only thing I could have asked



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