Friday, January 19, 2007

The second half of yesterday went quite well! The kids finished their school work. I was able to make 2 loaves of egg bread, one cinnamon swirl and one regular and Jon made our usual bread and rolls. We now have enough bread to last the rest of the week.LOL Of course, today IS The cinnamon swirl loaf didn't even last an hour. Next time I'll double the recipe and make 4 loaves of this and freeze it. It was really good!

Isaac ended up taking a nap after his bath yesterday. He was so tired that he fell asleep in Allison's arms while she dressed him.LOL He missed all the bread baking fun but it sure did make things a bit easier.

It's been really cold here so we've been staying home. I'm beginning to dislike I saw on the news that it's still 80 in Miami and I remember me complaining last year since I had the air on all Never again will I complain about warm weather. At least you can still go outside. I still haven't found a good time of the year for our big break and it's been a year now. I'm guessing we'll just have to take smaller breaks throughout the year this next school year. Going year round is not my favorite thought but I'm thinking that we could then take advantage of the different climates that we could travel Allison really wants to visit Washington DC after this school year and we'd really like to visit Miami sometime also. We could do DC in spring and Miami in the winter next year. That should take us there during the best times. We could also make sure that school is in session so that it won't be as crowded. Now, I just need to pray that this little one doesn't get car sick like Evie used to. That would not be fun.LOL




Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
Can you please send me your regular bread recipe and your cinnamon swirl recipe? They sound great! Thanks.
Mylinda :-)

Lisa in Jax said...

Sure Mylinda! I'll post the recipes on my blog for you.