Friday, January 12, 2007

Well, I wish I had lots of exciting things to tell you all but unfortunately, I lead a very boring life most days.LOL Wednesday was sooooo cold here that I wouldn't allow any of us to leave the house. We are still recovering from this cold and I felt that going anywhere, even just outside would be a mistake. I guess I over did it the day before because I was also feeling pretty worn out. I ended up resting and the older kids were able to finish all their school work for the day. The littles were not They pretty much ran amok all day and I could tell that they were going to need some major outside time the next day to make up for it.

Thursday was supposed to still be cool but not a high of 50, so when my Mom called and asked if we'd like to go out to lunch I said absolutely!lol It took us a while to get out of the house, finding jackets and warm clothes for everyone and when we finally opened the front door to leave, it was warm outside.lolol We went to Golden Corral and the littles ate really good. Isaac hasn't been eating again lately so having him really fill up was great! My Mom suggested the park and we all thought it was a great idea. O.k. everyone besides Allison thought it was a great idea. I'm finding it sad that she's growing up and not finding the park to be her cup of tea any longer. It has been a big part of our lives for so long. Oh well, we all went and the three youngest had a great time. You could tell that it was exactly what they needed after being cooped up for so long. We went to Mom's afterwards and hung out. She invited us for dinner and it was terrific! She makes the best Fried Chicken. After dinner, I did the dishes for her and then packed everyone up and went home. The littles were tired but you could tell they had a great Isaac was so wound up from all the activity, he didn't go to sleep until 11pm. Jon spent most of that time playing with him. lol He made a tent out of blankets and Isaac had a blast. We had NO temper tantrums all day!!! WOW! What a blessing! We finally just threw him in bed with us and he was asleep in less than 30 We all slept in this morning. It was a big day for all of us and everyone was happy for the extra rest. I'm hoping that today will be a good day. I am deeply grateful for the good day yesterday. It's been a long time since I've seen my little guy instead of tantrum boy and it was really nice to see him. Hope he stops by again

Well, that's it. I have no plans for today other than school but who knows, maybe we'll have something fun happen. If not, I'll take some pictures.LOL




Kristine said...

I often feel like I have to write entertaining posts too. Unfortunately, not much in my life is that entertaining to anyone else. Just remember that no news is good news, lol.


Lisa in Jax said...

That's a great point Kristine. My hope is to have normal regular days until this baby arrives. I'm also trying to conserve energy for labor day. My hardest labor was with Isaac where I had a really busy day and then went into labor at There was no rest for me that time.

Shushan said...

sounds like you had a good day to me :)

You are posting more often than I have managed to do many months. I try not to feel guilty about it when I can't find time or a turn on the net.

Its interesting to me to see what is going on for folks you know about, whether they think its exciting or not.

Thanks for sharing!

De'Etta said...

Lisa, how old is Isaac?

It always makes me a bit sad when the older ones outgrow the park too. I've been happy to see when the girls come home that they are regrowing into the park...that doesn't make sense but you know what I mean don't you? LOL

Lisa in Jax said...


Isaac will be 2 tomorrow!!! I can't believe he's that

Thank you for telling me that they do eventually grow back into the park. It's so hard to see them grow up and leave all those childhood things behind. I still can't get over the fact that every Sunday after church we have to go through Starbucks so she can get some

Emily said...

I think the posts I make on my blog are pretty boring . . . I am not much of a write . . that is why I post more pictures than words!