Friday, January 19, 2007

Some pictures from today...

Isaac and one of his many boppies. He has 3 pink, 2 blue, and 2 green.LOL Most of them were Allisons but he just goes through the house collecting them whenever she decides to take some back.
Genevieve in her pj's. I would like to say that this was taken this morning but alas, she prefers the pj's over regular clothing and if we aren't going anywhere, I
Isaac with my messy desk as background. No matter how often I clean it, it always reverts back to this state. Oh, and Evie trying to be the center of
Here is the photo I took after she tried jumping into Isaac's picture. She's come a long way in this past year and I no longer wistfully scroll through boarding school
Allison who actually wanted her photo taken. She's growing up more and more each day.

*There were no photos taken of Jon today because he's in desperate need of a hair cut and looks somewhat like a porcupine right now. We will be fixing this tomorrow, as I've already made an appointment with my mom for all of us to get a trim. I'm thinking of getting long layers since my hair has started resembling the shape of a triangle, which may look good on some people but not

Today was good. I wasn't in pain today, which I hadn't noticed I've been in for at least a week. I think it crept up on me and it wasn't until I was acting like a rabid animal that I realized how much I was I think the baby has turned and maybe even dropped some which has taken a lot of pressure off of my ribcage and lungs. I was able to take a small nap today and I even slept last night, only waking 27 times for potty breaks as opposed to the 300 of the night I am so thankful that I'm in the home stretch! Five more weeks and I'll be holding this little one in my arms. What a blessing!

We just cleaned up the house for the weekend and it's so nice! I love a clean I never thought I'd feel that way but I really do. It's so nice to wake up and start fresh!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!



De'Etta said...

Glad to hear that the second 1/2 of yesterday went well....

Great photos. I've been praying that your little one would turn - I'm glad you are in less pain today.

Romany said...

Yes, you ARE in the home stretch now, just hang in there.


Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks! I'm hanging in there. I'm getting so excited about meeting this baby! I sure hope that she's an easy baby, not sure I'm up for another Evie quite