Monday, January 08, 2007

Yesterday is over. That's probably the best thing I can say about I don't know what got into the little ones yesterday but they were not on their best behavior. We made it to church again, which has really been a blessing to me each week. We're in the process of transferring our membership to this church and they had some paper work for us to fill out and bring back later. Isaac and Evie fought the whole church service. Usually, Evie's happy with her coloring books and Isaac is happy with his trains but not yesterday. They both wanted trains. I can tell you now, just in case you were wondering but teaching sharing is not best accomplished during a church service, especially during a particularly firery sermon.LOL Our new pastor took it in stride thought and didn't miss a beat. We didn't even have to leave the service although trying to coax two children out from under the pews was not how I had planned to spend the service.

After this wonderful display, you would think we'd just go home afterwards but no, we were starving and decided that we'd go to Larry's Giant Subs. The littles continued their display of good behavior here and made a horrible mess to boot. We met my parents there and I'm thinking they were a bit embarrassed considering my dad offered to help clean the My parents offered to take the littles to their house, so we followed them home. I didn't have anymore bottles for Isaac so I went home, gave Jon his lunch since he missed all the fun, made more bottles and then drove back. It was clear by then that Isaac was not going to settle down. I must be getting dense in my old age that it took this long. We left my parents house with tantrum boy shortly after and went home. Evie on the other hand spent the rest of the day with mom and dad.

My mom surprised me by bringing us dinner! Now that is the high point of the day. We spent the rest of the day dealing with tantrum boy and it was not easy. I was extremely grateful for the After dinner, we put the littles to bed (with a final tantrum from Isaac) and collapsed into bed ourselves wondering what in the world have we gotten ourselves into.LOL



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