Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Sophia Chronicles...

And off she goes...






She's decided that THIS is the way to travel.LOL



deanne said...

It's been great to watch your little one grow up! I honestly don't know how you do all you do in the day. I only have the two and am overwhelmed most of the time! Maybe, if and when our little one decides to sleep through the night, life will get easier. :)

Cynthia said...

Looks like you'll be on the chase now (LOL).

Jodi said...

Go Sophia!

Wow a walking baby, no good can come of this VBG. I hope she travels carefully and doesn't get into more mischief that you can handle!!

Lisa in Jax said...

LOL! Sleep? Sleep is for wimps!

Here's my secret, I don't honestly know how I get everything done. I just focus on one thing at a

Thanks Cindy. She's fast!

LOL! Jodi, you are right. Nothing good has come of it, other than MORE MESS!lol

De'Etta said...

HOW SWEET!!!! life will never be the same.

Lisa in Jax said...

Nope, she's wearing us