Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Praise to God...

I just want to publicly thank and praise God for everything that I was able to accomplish this past week and weekend. What an awesome God we serve!

Last Wednesday, Isaac got sick. Very sick. In fact, he is still recovering and it's been a week. On Saturday night, Jon got the same illness. He wasn't as sick but he was out of commission for two days. Then, on Sunday, Eric came down with the dreaded illness. He's feeling better today and will return to work tomorrow unless I catch this.lol

During this time, God helped me stay focused on taking care of everyone and making sure that if I get this, that things would run as smoothly as possible while I'm under the weather. I got the shopping done, all laundry washed, the kid's bathroom sanitized, I made homemade bagels(cause you have to do something besides clean up sick or you'll need to run away.lol), organized Sophia's drawers, cleaned the little's bedroom, and finally, I vacuumed and carpet cleaned the entire great room. Whew! I can truly say that this week has been a blessing, as I am learning to follow God's leading even during stressful times! So, thank you Lord!

(and if you don't hear from me, well it's cause it's my turn.lol)



Laura in MO said...

Oh my, Lisa. Sorry you have had such a difficult week at your house. I hope this is the end of the sickness for you all. Hang in there!

De'Etta said...

What a wonderful amount of work you were able to get done while caring for sick children. Praying for your household, glad most are feeling better and praying you don't pick up the ickies.

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks! It was a hard month but God really did keep my head above water. I'm so thankful for the prayers and we're hoping that this month will be better.