Sunday, August 05, 2007

The 2007 Freezer Challenge...

O.k. I admit it. My freezer is a mess. I probably have 2,746 half-eaten packages of frozen pancakes. Old muffins, freezer burned meat from last summer and various other horrible things to find, are lurking in the depths of my frozen abyss. I have decided to take this challenge from DeEtta and will work on this area in conjuntion with my Cleaning Challenge. I can't wait to glean ideas from this great group of women! If you want to learn more and/or join this challenge, go to the link above and learn more about it.

My goals for this challenge are these...I may add more as I get into this...LOL

1. Clean out old food.

2. Find a better way to organize the food.

3. Stock my freezer with already prepared dinners for nights that I don't have time to cook.

4. Restock my freezer with more breakfast items and toss out any that are freezer burned.

Before-indoor freezer

Now, as a side note, those of you who read my blog and saw that I had a hard time planning my meals once I received my meat order will find this funny. I sent my dh to the store this morning for milk. Well, after an hour, he finally returns with $150 worth of food. Mostly meat.LOLOL He did a great job of shopping and was able to get some fantastic deals. I know that God is upstairs laughing right now while I consider my menu this next week. I just smiled when I saw it because I knew that God thought of me enough to send a smile my way this week.
Before-outdoor freezer




Cynthia said...

With all of these challenges, we're all going to be SO organized we'll have all kinds of time to sit around and eat chocolates with Liz!

Lisa in Jax said...

lol! I hope so. I'll need a bunch of chocolate after this.