Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Sophia Chronicles...

Sophia in her play place.LOL

Some not that great news... Sophia had her recheck at the doctors on Friday and her dr was not happy with her progress. She finally prescribed a steroid and wants to see her again on Monday. Too bad the dr couldn't listen to me two weeks ago, huh. We started the yucky medicine this morning and she took it o.k. I know how awful the stuff tastes from when Jon used to take it but I'm so thankful that she's on it. We should see some real improvement by Monday. If not, she'll be going to a pediatric pulminologist because I'm not going to mess around with this any longer.

In other news...I'm beginning to really not like Blogger. I've been messing around with a Xanga account and I may be switching over in the next few weeks. You know, in my SPARE time.LOL Photos upload a million times faster and I really like a lot of the features. I haven't got it all figured out yet but I'm working on it. I'm just so tired of having to upload one photo at a time and getting errors over half the time. I just don't have that kind of time to mess with it. I need a blog to go up quickly or I lose my blogging window.(sigh)



Here's my new Xanga site if you want to check it out...


Jodi said...

Your Xanga looks nice.

I find that I can now upload 3 photos to blogger no longer 5. If i get down to one I may well switch too!

Sorry to hear that Sophia still has some sort of sickness going on.

Diann said...

Sorry about Sophia. I am still praying for her (and you).

On another note, I like your Xanga. Besides the photos....are there other features of Xanga that you like better? Can you do more things with it? What are they?

Cynthia said...

If you don't want to have to move everything over to a new blog and lose everything you have here you should try uploading via photobucket! That's what I do 100% of the time now since I was almost at capacity on blogger. I'd forgotten how long it takes to load pictures via blogger until you mentioned it now. I upload photos to photobucket - 20 or more at a time. THen, I can very easily edit them there (resize and turn if I need to)... then the BEST part is you can click on the pictures you want (as many as you want) and it will generate a code for you so you can upload ALL of them to the blog entry at one time instead of individually. That's SO HANDY! I no longer have to worry about uploading my pictures in any particular order. I just upload from my picture file to photobucket and then when I have time I can click on the ones I want for a certain blog entry no matter where they're at on the photobucket page! Anyway.. it's SO QUICK and EASY.. you might consider giving it a try if you don't really have the time to completely explore starting a new blog.

Oh.. and sorry to hear Sophia isn't doing so well. I hope she makes VERY QUICK improvement.

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks everyone. She's feeling better, she's just wheezy.


I like Xanga. It is fun to play around with all the different settings and such. It seems like a much steeper learning curve though. There are things I want it to do before I decide whether to change to it or not.

Love the upload feature on Xanga. Love the backgrounds and changing the text and such. Very easy. Love that I can change the background for each post and the text color.LOL So far, I haven't been able to add links and that's important to me. I won't change until I can do that easily.

Thanks Cindy! I'm playing with that now.LOL It's seems easy so maybe I won't need to

De'Etta said...

Lisa - does Xanga have a space limit for photos - I'm at about 85% now...better figure something out...eventually. ::snort::

Sorry to hear that Sophie is still sick but glad that you are getting action now.

Lisa in Jax said...


Go to Photobucket! It's great and then you don't need to change.

I think Xanga has a limit unless you pay and I don't want to do that.LOL

Liz said...

I paid to have the website because Kate was doing it for a class ($100/yr) but we STILL can't find an easy way to upload & use pictures.
In my Dream World you can upload full-sized pictures, a batch at a time, the program will resize them or thumbnail them for display & you just point & click to insert the ones you want. THAT is how all the photo-printing places do it -- it is QUICK to upload to Wal-Mart in a batch, why can't the blog-capable sites do that too??
Why isn't the whole universe trying to match up with my dream world is the REAL question.

Kristine said...

I checked out your xanga site, and while it allowed me to complete the comment screen anonymously, then it told me I had to create an account. :(

The photo strip is cute!