Friday, September 07, 2007


This is for Kathy.LOL

I've found that the best secret to Pot Roast is to start early. I started my roast at noon for it to be served at 5:30. It was so tender, I cut it with a fork.

As for meat, anything labeled pot roast is going to be a tough cut unless you cook it to death.LOL If you're short on time, buy an Oven Roast. Anything labeled for the oven will be more tender even with less cooking. I usually buy whatever doesn't have that weird gummy line of fat running through it (lol) and I buy about 4 pounds.

First, put a little oil in your pot. Get it really hot. Sprinkle your beef with salt, I use Kosher for a better crust. Brown your meat in the hot oil, turning to make sure it gets a nice browning on each side. Don't miss any parts and don't worry if it's a little too brown, it'll be good.

Now add your water. I use about 4 cups at first. Turn your heat down after the water comes to a boil and cover it with a good lid.

Prep your veggies. I use a whole bag of potatoes, almost a whole bag of carrots, one large onion, and a clove of garlic. Chop and peel everything and put it in a bowl full of water. Now add the veggies and the water to the pot. Your pot should be pretty full. Recover, turn the heat up a little until the water comes to a boil, and then turn down to a simmer. Do not touch until 30 minutes before dinner!

30 minutes before serving, taste and season your broth. I usually add about 1 tsp of salt and a good sprinkling of pepper and call it good. I really believe less is more when dealing with roast.

Serve with biscuits and enjoy! It'll be so tender and have great flavor. I usually serve it with the broth over it and some sourcream on the side for dipping. YUM!

*Now, if you want to do this in the crockpot, just brown the meat and then add everything to the crock. Cook 6-8 hours.




Kathy in WA said...

Lisa!!! I love it when you write blogs just for me!! :) Thank you!! Okay, I haven't actually read the post, I need to go and finish it. I just saw that it was the recipe I begged for and knew I had to comment. Ha!!

I'll be back.

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Kathy in WA said...

Thanks for the specific instructions and recipe! I'm going to try this next time. I get tired of ending up with dry or tough roasts.

Lisa in Jax said...

You're welcome! Tell me how it turns out if you make it.