Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The How Low Can You Go Challenge!

This month's challenge is different. I'll try to get a graphic up later today but since the month's already begun, I figured I'd better get this running and fill in all the details later.LOL

Because of some extra bills that have come in this past month and will come in this month, I'd like to post a challenge for me and anyone else who may like to join in, to lower my monthly grocery bill by half. Now maybe you are in the same pickle. Perhaps not, but you would still like to see that grocery bill lower, since Christmas is around the corner. Whatever your reason, I'd like for us to join together for support and ideas to lower this bill. I will call it...

The How Low Can You Go Challenge!

LOL! Now, I know that many have already bought their groceries for this first week of Sept, so I will extend it to the first week of Oct. If you're game to the challenge, these are the rules...

1. post to this comment so I know that you are joining in

2. write a blog stating YOUR goal for this month (you don't have to use my goal)

3. each week post an update on how you're doing (after your shopping trip)

4. each week post a recipe or idea or something that is helping you to achieve your goal

5. list these rules under your first post, with the cool graphic that should be coming forthwith

6. link back to this post so anyone else who may want to join, can

I hope that many will join in this challenge! I really want to get this bill under control and I know that support is key to changing things.




gr8tful4grace said...

I'm game. I'm always up for this kind of challenge. ~Yvonne

Lisa in Jax said...

Great! It'll be fun to see how we do at the end of the month.

Jodi said...

I'll join! I happen tohave the perfect pictures to illustrate our first week (yesterday). The good part is I am bound to do better in the coming weeks. LOL

Love, LOVE the graphic! Will post the graphic and pictures a bit later today.

nyisutter said...

I am going to try. Definitely a challenge I need as our budget has been very tight lately due to spending too much on groceries!