Sunday, September 09, 2007

The How Low Can You Go Challenge!

O.k. so this was my first foray into the CVS Extra Care Bucks program. I looked online to see if there was anything at the store that I needed that was on sale or that I could earn money by buying. Right now, this is what I came up with...
I bought...
2 Colgate Toothpastes that cost 2.99 each but earned me 2.99 in extra care bucks. I think this was the very best deal and I may go back and buy more. Basically, they are paying me to buy the toothpaste.
CVS brand Batteries were buy one, get one free. I bought quite a few since Sophia's swing runs on batteries and so does a few of the kids toys.
2 Crest kids toothbrushes earned me $2 in extra care bucks. I spent 2.69 a piece which means I ended up getting two for 3.38. Not that great a deal but with as much illness in this house, I felt I needed to replace their brushes.
2 Mennen 24/7 deodorants, they were 3.99 a piece but earned me $6.00 total in extra care bucks, so basically I got them for .99 a piece.
2 Nexuss Hair products. We use this normally and they had a deal where if you bought $15 worth you got $5 in ECB, so I bought it.
I also had a spend $15 and get $3.00 off coupon which I used.
So I spent 49.29-$3.00 on these items and earned 18.98 in ECB and got two 2.50 coupons for CVS brand items in the future. I also signed up for their emails and got a free spend $20 and get $4 off my next purchase. I think I did o.k. but can see room for improvement next week. I did spend more than I wanted, but these were things that were on my grocery list and I probably would have spent more at the grocery store and I wouldn't have earned money on my purchases.
Now to work on my grocery list.LOL

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