Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Daily Ramblings...

Can you smell it? That'd be dinner on the stove cooking our favorite meal, Pot Roast. Yum! This is the only meal that I can expect EVERYONE to eat. I sure wish that I could find more meals that everyone would eat. I don't make anything else when someone decides that dinner isn't up to their standards, but it's hard to send little ones to bed without a full meal in their tummies. How much is a typical 2yo supposed to eat anyhow? I think that this age always stresses me out. They aren't that hungry, they are horribly picky, and they want to be in charge.LOL

Today is my crazy-busy day of the week and it's going way better than last week. Getting up at 6:00 this morning definitely helped, but I'm starting to drag and it's only 4:00. The kids were up and running early, so we were able to get a hot breakfast and I even got a shower BEFORE PE.LOL

We got two 12 inch cucumbers from the garden today! Here are some photos.

Would you have thought these were ripe?

I almost forgot to take pictures and had already started cutting them up for tonight's dinner. Whew, I'm glad that I remembered. Jon will be happy to see them on the blog. We have quite a few on the vines so I'm guessing we'll be eating them often until the season is over. I somehow bought a variety that doesn't turn dark green and had been waiting for that to magically happen.LOL Well, good thing I decided to cut one off to see if it was ripe. They were almost a little over ripe. I'm going to try Kristine's recipe and I'm going to try pickling a few. I can't have high fructose corn syrup and I really miss sweet pickles. If you look, every single sweet pickle has this in it on the grocery shelves. Bummer.LOL Well, it looks like we'll be drowning in pickles soon enough.

Here are some photos from yesterday...

Evie under the baby...

Evie and Sophia having a conversation...

Genevieve had a great time at PE again today. She's really growing up. Evie helps me get Isaac out of the truck each time we go somewhere and she really looks out for him. She's always making sure that he doesn't forget his blanket or cars or whatever he had to have for the trip.

Jon is feeling better today! He was even able to get some school work done. What a blessing! He's usually my sick one and for him to begin to feel better so soon, is a real gift from God. I'm definitely counting my blessings now a days.

Allison is really moving in her math challenge! She says that she wants to be ahead "just in case" and I'm so proud to see her maturing in this area.

I guess that's it for now. I need to check on that dinner and serve the little ones soon.




Debbie said...

Glad your week is going better...that getting part does help! I am a night owl and struggle with it, but am hoping to shift my schedule around to at least get up by 7am.

I love that Evie is so good with her brother. What a loving thing to say for your parenting.

Good for Allison and her math challenge.

Berry Patch said...

Our favorite meal here is pot roast as too. The last time I cooked it I SO wanted to eat it for lunch! LOL :-)

Lisa in Jax said...


I used to be a night owl but this little one has cured me. She's up a dawn every morning and I have to be alert for the other kids during the day which gives me no choice but to go to bed early.LOL

It's been a long road but I think she's maturing and becoming a good big sister. I think Sophia has really helped too. Thank you for the compliment!


I wanted to eat it for lunch too.LOL I resisted.

Kathy in WA said...

Lisa - can you share your basic roast recipe? What type of meat do you buy? I often find my roasts are dry (even if I slow cook them).

I'd love to hear a tried and true recipe!!

Lisa in Jax said...

Sure! Enjoy the recipe!

Kristine said...

Everyone here loves pot roast too. Imagine my shock (and delight!) when I found CHOW-CHOW at the Walmart here! (No pesto, no canned whole green chiles, no organic meat, but CHOW-CHOW!!!) Robert's mom has reminded me that it won't be as good as hers. So very true, but since the last time she made it was in 1992, that really doesn't matter. This is the only chow-chow I can get my hands on!

After making pot roast from a great recipe I found, and just buying the Laura's Natural Beef Pot Roast in a bag, the Laura's is easier and costs the same. BUT I don't know if I can find that here either, lol!

Even my 9yods is noticing labels with high fructose corn syrup--good for him!!!

Lisa in Jax said...

What in the world is Chow-Chow?

It's great when the kids start getting involved in nutrition!

Cynthia said...

You're right. Those don't really look ripe to me. I think I need to rethink having a garden next year. Garden doesn't have to mean a 1/2 acre, right? If I could just limit myself to a few plants we would be ok and it sure would be nice to have a tomato, cucumber, and squash right outside the door!