Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The How Low Can You Go Challenge!

So I went shopping and did much better this week! I didn't need as much since I had stocked up and was able to get out of the store spending only $127.00. I stuck to my list and bought mainly fruit, veggies, milk, and eggs.

I also went to CVS and used my Extra Care Bucks for medicine, paper towels, and toilet paper. They were also having a clearance on their back to school stuff and I picked up a few items. I got 2yr planners for .25 a piece! Pretty cool.




Cynthia said...

Great job, Lisa!

Lisa in Jax said...


Jodi said...

Good job!

I have not been able to keep up with my challenge. I am trying to be contious of what I spend though. I think it was too much to try and keep track and blog it while we're adjusting to a busy fall schedule. I will try harder next week...except maybe the challenge was only for a month and will be over soon. LOL Well thank you for making me stop and think about our grocery habits, it's a start.