Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Daily Ramblings...

Let's see. What's been going on around here.LOL

WELL, I've been trying to get some reading done so that I at least get something read before the Summer Challenge is over.LOL I've got a couple books started and I'm hopeful that I'll actually get them finished.

We've been dealing with the summer sickies. It looks like most are recovering. Allison, Sophia, and I have a lingering cough but we are getting better each day.

The house is a mess.LOL I've not been up to par and have been just trying to keep up, not make progress in the keeping of my home.

It's been RAINING!!! What a blessing! We need 50 more inches in order to make up for the drought. Hopefully, we won't get it all at The littles are getting cabin fever. It's either too hot to go outside or it's thunder and lightening. Poor dears. On a positive note, it's been getting me off the computer

Today, I was desperate so I got out a neat-sheet and spread it out on my kitchen floor, gave the kids bowls, spoons, and Rotini pasta and let them play. They had a great time and it only cost me 79 cents.LOL We also baked bread and a sandwich loaf. Evie also decided to make her own "recipe" that no one would touch with a ten-foot pole even though she kept telling everyone that I was good.LOL I promise you it wasn't.

Evie and I did some phonics today. She's really coming along. VP Phonics is beautiful and so eye-catching! It's like working with real art. I love the creative games and ideas that they have. Tomorrow we'll be painting with apples to go along with our learning the A sound. With in the next few days, she'll be on to the letter M. It is such a full and rich program that we haven't even picked up the other curricula since we started this. I'm very impressed and for a 13 year veteran of homeschooling to say that, it would have to be good.LOL (Not many know that I taught Allison to read before age 2. No I wasn't that great of a teacher, SHE was just really

I made those Donut muffins again today. I have to say that I'm addicted to them. I could eat them all and not even

Well, I guess that's my week so far. Not too exciting but it's our school year so that keeps us pretty close to home. The older kids are doing so well in their school work! What a blessing! We have several weeks behind us now and things are coming along nicely. We've even added subjects! Allison is taking spanish and Jon is using a wonderful book I found called x+y=dinner for Culinary Arts. It teaches all about cooking and he's been glued to that book. I wish I could remember where I stumbled into this book so I could give credit but it was just one of those following links from one web-site to another until I ended up finding it.LOL If it was one of you all, write me and I'll give you credit.




Cynthia said...

Thanks for the review of the new phonics program. I've always looked at it and thought it would be "pretty."

Now I see that you did spread a sheet out on the floor.

I'm glad you're getting some rain! We've had so much rain here I haven't even had to water the yard one time yet. VERY UNUSUAL.

Lisa in Jax said...

The rain is great! We've been getting some everyday for the past few days.

What I really like about the phonics is that it looks so grown up. Evie is really put off by programs that offer baby-like pictures and games.

Kristine said...

Lisa. Neatsheet on your floor. Food. Utensils. You will the Mom of the Month award. You're awesome! I would've "allowed" something like this with dc#1, but by #2, it was all over.

I remember wondering why my friends thought I was a "nice" mom for giving dd playdoh. After a few years of it, I understood, lol.