Monday, June 25, 2007

Book Review...

Grime and Punishment by Jill Churchill was a GREAT book! So good, in fact, that I've already requested the next two on Paperbackswap.LOL Debbie recommended a later one on her blog... and so I decided I give her a try. Now, I can only read while feeding Sophia so my attention is somewhat divided but I really didn't know who did it, til the end. What a fun series.

Jane, the main character of the book, is a stay at home single mom whose best friend's maid is murdered. She sets out to solve this who done it so that they can feel safe in their neighborhood again. She and her friend get into lots of trouble.

There is some language in the book but otherwise, it was a fun read.




Cynthia said...

At least you have an excuse to sit and read! I have no excuses and too much to do to justify sitting down for any length of time, but I have managed to read a couple of books in the last week or so thanks to being out of town with not much to do for a few days.

Lisa in Jax said...

I thought this last book was going to take two years.LOL Sophia wasn't letting me read more than 2 pages at a time. Everytime I'd pick the book up, Sophia would stop eating and stare at the book.LOL She'd look like, hey that must be pretty interesting if you'd take your eyes off me.LOL