Monday, June 18, 2007

A better view of my Lazy Susan Baby Thing otherwise known as The Lamaze Spin and Explore Baby Gym.LOL




Bridget said...

Hmm. I think you need to do a youtube video of her actually spinning in it :) It does look cute and I love how her brother is right there with her. Hey, if it is good for 10-15 minutes of baby entertainment that makes it worth its weight in gold! Do you have a bumpo? That's been the most exciting baby 'gadget' I've seen in a while.

Liz said...

This would scare me in my household. I can picture my other children taking hold of the baby's feet & giving the poor child a spin like she was the Giant Wheel on the Price is Right.

Then there goes the baby, sort of like a slobbery frisbee, right across the front room.

Perhaps you trust your children more than I trust mine. Perhaps you haven't spent as much time in emergency rooms as I have. Or maybe your deductible is lower or you're really, really bored and any excitement is better than none at all.

Lisa in Jax said...


LOL! If I could figure out all that high-tech stuff, I'd do it. Unfortunately, I'm already out on a limb with this blog.LOL

Yes, we have a Bumbo seat. She really likes that too. I wish I'd bought the tray that goes with it.


The first time I put Sophia in this, that's the first thing that Evie did! She gave Sophia a good spin.LOL She seems no worse for wear and we've had the "don't spin your baby sister talk" since then.LOL

I've always been the daring kind and well, that deductable isn't too high....and well, I've been known for