Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My Menu for this week...


banana-nut pancakes, bacon
ham and egg biscuits, fruit
bagels and cream cheese, smoothies
muffins, fruit (leftover from Sunday; blueberry, banana-nut, and oatmeal-brown sugar)
peanut butter pancakes w/heated jam on top, bacon


Turkey and cheddar sandwich loaf, veggies and dip
tuna salad sandwiches, chips and fruit
fish sticks, fries, and veggies
ham or turkey sandwiches, Sunchips, salad


Grilled salmon, rice, salad
BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, grilled asparagus
Steak fajitas, black beans and rice, toppings
Hamburgers, potato wedges, salad
Kate's Peanut Chicken (from SHS), coconut rice, steamed broccoli

I'm feeling more rested today and I'm happy to be getting back to schedule. Today is ironing and baking. I'll have Jon bake some more granola and bars and Allison can do the ironing while I go shopping. I'll take Evie and Isaac and go when Sophia is sleeping. Hopefully, we'll all get done at the same time and the kids will get to go swimming. Jon's been digging the garden and I got my seeds from Territorial Seed Company last night. I'm looking forward to some homegrown veggies!

My parents will be taking the three oldest kids to my sister's house this weekend. It's my nephew's birthday and they will have lots of fun. I wish I could go but I'm just not ready for a 12 hour drive with Sophia. Maybe in a few more months. I'll be spending some time getting the kids ready to go by Friday and my parents will be taking our van so that'll need to be cleaned out.

Have a great day!


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