Monday, May 14, 2007


My Menu for this week...


Eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns
Smoothies and granola bars
Brown sugar-oatmeal muffins, fruit
Bagels and Creamcheese, fruit
Pancakes and sausage
Biscuits, fruit, yogurt
Chocolate chip-peanut butter pancakes, fruit

* I have eliminated all cereal from our menu!!! I have been buying Cheerios as a back-up but am finally free from the expensive and non-FG approved cereal. I've been freezing a lot of extras and get those out when I can't fix something from scratch.


chicken salad
mac and cheese-baked
sandwich loaf


Chicken quesadillas, veggie tray
London broil, steamed veggies, rolls
Pork roast, potatoes, carrots, salad
Grilled Chicken, rice, salad
Steak, baked potatoes, salad
BBQ Chicken, noodles, asparagus

It was a very busy weekend! First, we had a BBQ with my old friends, Teresa and Allison, from middle school. It was a lot of fun catching up with them and the kids really seemed to get along well. We found each other all because my dh won an award at work.LOL The company he works for took his picture and then showed it on all the monitors at his work place and Teresa saw him.LOL She emailed him and he gave my email to her. As we were talking she said that she might have Allison's email and sure enough, she did! It was so nice to see them again! What memories! Allison remembered my love for hats and I remembered how we met. Teresa remembered how I always tried to stick my legs behind my head and I remembered that Allison could actually DO it.LOL My oldest is named after Allison and it was fun to see them meet each other. Everytime I'd call my dd, both would answer.LOL It was a pretty fun day!

I already talked about Sunday so I'll just move on to today...

Today has been a cleaning day. I actually enjoy cleaning.LOL I never used to but I've grown to love it this past year. I've got the wash done, the house straightened, worked on my bedroom, cleaned the kids bathroom, dishes, and my ds vacuumed while Allison cleaned the great room. Genevieve cleaned her side of the bedroom and even cleaned the toy room! They were all working on a prize.....swimming time! They did such good jobs that they got the swim for 2 hours today. I know they had a good time.




Mylinda said...

Hey Lisa, I'm so used to seeing you with short hair that everytime I see a photo of you, I have to do a double take, thinking it's Allison! (Yes, you're so young looking!!) Also, I'm so proud of you (and jealous) about your cereal elimination! I've tried to cook healthier meals, but my dh doesn't go along with it. The kids hear his negative comments thus making it difficult with them, too. I love reading your menus each week. They're very convicting!! Thanks a lot! :-)
Mylinda :-)

Gretchen said...

Lisa, what formula do you recommend? I'm havig problems with William having gas when I switched to Soy. Please email your response to me at Thx.

Romany said...

How cool that Sophia is sleeping through the night!

And it's encouraging to me that people can actually learn to enjoy cleaning. {g}


Kathy in WA said...

Lisa - great menu post! I have to ask, do the kids fuss about not having cereal? Your breakfast menus sound wonderful so I can't imagine that they would but cereal is pretty standard around here so I wonder how my children would do without it.

Do you find they need a snack before lunch or are they full until the next meal? What do you serve for snacks? My kids eat me out of produce in such a hurry. It's hard to keep enough fruit on hand. Do you limit snacking?

Do the children help you with the meals or are you doing the primary cooking? What time do you start breakfast (especially when it needs to bake)?

Thanks for letting me ask questions. I'm doing a little better with my meal planning but still finding myself a little last minute this week. My kids LOVE pancakes for breakfast and we've been rotating through some different healthy options.

Cynthia said...

How fun to catch up with your "old" friends (LOL).

Lisa in Jax said...

lol. Yes, it was really nice to see them all again.