Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hurray! Can you hear the rescue music in the background?lol UPS visited us and dropped off these wonderful products for my wound up kids to enjoy! What perfect timing. Almost like I planned it that More like, God's perfect timing. My kids are very happy with the new Lauri products that I found at CBD. We have some more goodies coming in the next few days that they will enjoy for school next week.

The Lauri Carousel being expertly put together by Jon
Isaac with the shape sorter
Allison with the Airport
Evie already done with her new puzzle

I really like these puzzles! They are challenging but not frustrating.
I'm starting the VP Phonics on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to it. Evie doesn't like fluff and this looks grown up and very art-based. I got the workbook today in the mail and it looks great!


Mylinda said...

Hey Lisa, What's the VP Phonics? Just curious.
Mylinda :-)

Jodi said...

Yippee UPS and CBD to the rescue. Looks like the puzzles went over very well. Hope you get hours of happy kids/quiet time.

Lisa in Jax said...

LOL Well, I got a good hour. It did seem to settle the littles down enough for me to regain my

Lisa in Jax said...


It's called Veritas Press Phonics Museum. Really cool!

Kristine said...

Great way to entertain the kids and give you a break, lol!

I was wondering if VP is Veritas Press. Have you used any other parts of the curriculum at any other levels? I love their catalog and book recommendations in general . . .

Lisa in Jax said...


Yes, I've used many of VP's products. When Allison was 7, I used their curriculum exclusively. I am a big curriculum junkie, if it's out there, I've probably used it.LOL

I used Shurley Grammar before it was Shurley English, Victor Journey through the Bible, Matin Latin, IEW, VP Old Testament and Ancient Eygpt Series plus the Lit. Kit, Saxon, and Drawing With Children. I think I used some other things that they don't use any longer but I'm drawing a blank.LOL