Thursday, August 03, 2006

Well, we almost sent our older kids to school this year. It had been a while since our last teacher evaluation and I guess I was beginning to feel as though the kids just weren't getting a good education here at home. With a new baby coming, I wasn't sure that I could handle the added responsibility of schooling the kids. After a lot of prayer and the aforementioned evaluation, we have come away refreshed and ready for another year. The teacher not only passed them for the year, she kept asking me for the names of all my curriculum so that she could use it for her kids. She was duly impressed with the kids knowledge and felt that school would not be the best option for them. I guess in my heart I knew this was true. We ARE homeschoolers. Really, the more I thought about the kids being gone all day, the worse I felt. I finally told my dh that if he were to help on the guidance counselor side of things that I'd be willing to start another year. The more I prayed about the reasons why I didn't want to homeschool this year, the more I realized it wasn't the school part of it. I was overwhelmed with the idea of adding the whole how to get into college aspect of the highschool years. I mean, I'm already quite overwhelmed with what I'm already doing and I just didn't want to mess the kids up by not doing a good enough job on that part. Well, he's agreed and so we'll begin our year as soon as I've shored up what we will be studying. Here's to a good year!



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