Wednesday, August 23, 2006

O.k. so I've been tagged. lol Here are my answers...

5 things in my freezer

1. 2 lbs frozen chicken
2. 4 loaves of bread
3. about 20 lean cuisines for my Dh
4. frozen homemade pancakes
5. frozen brocoli

5 things in my closet

1. shirts
2. 2 big 2 drawer bins
3. photo albums waiting for more pictures
4. my sewing machine
5. pillows

5 things in my car

1. two carseats
2. stroller
3. various bits of cookies, gummies, fishy crackers, etc...
4. lots of paper
5. maybe a few cups

5 things in my purse

1. receipts
2. grocery lists dating back to 1999
3. old gum that has probably lost it's wrapper by now
4. about $1000 worth of spare change
5. my cell phone that I always forget to turn on

5 things in my wallet

1. appt. cards from when I was pregnant with Evie
2. appt. cards from when I was pregnant with Isaac
3. appt. cards for today for this little one
4. pictures of my kids from 4 years ago(I just tell people to imagine them taller.)
5. My CVS card

5 people I would tag

De'Etta took my people, so just look on her list. LOLOL
Alright, so that's cheating. I'll list these people...




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