Monday, August 14, 2006

5 Days

5 Days. That's right, 5 days. That's all it took for Jon to want to come back home. His view of school has been forever changed because of this experience. No more thinking the grass is greener or that he'd have more friends or that it is all fun and games. His subjects in honors and gifted were 1-2 years behind where he is at home. The kids were just awful to him. The teachers called him a liar when he tried to explain why he was late for class. The bus rides were pure torture. So my son is coming home. What's so funny is that I was so sad by the end of the week because I thought he was happy there. He never complained, just accepted all this abuse because he felt that he had made us work so hard to get him into school and he didn't want us to be disappointed. He finally told Allison and she came to me. I went to him and asked him how school went and he said, "great!"lol... I told my dh to talk to him and find out what's going on, you know, sometimes a boy just needs his dad. Well, he finally told his father everything. What a mess. So, I'm going to be looking into his curriculum for this year. I'm glad we found out now instead of months from now. I think we can undo 5 days worth of damage. Even though this didn't turn out the way we had hoped, I think that this was a good experience for Jon. I think that he will work harder at home knowing that home is where he belongs.



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