Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A day in the life...

I figured that today would be a good representative sample of what our days are like. So here goes... LOL

Today I woke to Genevieve gently tapping me on the nose, telling me it was "morning time" and that I needed to get up and fix her some breakfast. I TRIED to ignore it because it was barely dawn but I finally got up. You really can't get away with ignoring Genevieve. She doesn't take "no" for an answer. LOL

So I roll out of bed, considering I beginning to gain some weight with this new baby, and head to the kitchen. Genevieve then insists on fixing her own cereal, I am grateful that she decides this while I'm awake as opposed to trying it on her own. LOL So we eat and then the others start to trickle in starting with Allison and ending with Jon.

I go to shower while the others eat their breakfast and then we begin getting ready for our school day. I sat with Jon first and went over his week. He is beginning Sonlight 5, is continuing Algebra 1 and Biology from last week and will begin Language once the book arrives from the company. After I set him on task, I tackle Allison. She has quite a bit of work this year! We went over her reading for this week using SL 200 and talked a bit about last weeks reading. She is just loving this year! I was a bit afraid that the work would be too much for her since I had heard many say that they skipped this year and came back to it when their kids were older but Allison is really understanding the reading and gaining so much from it. I'm glad that I didn't get scared away from it.

Once the older kids were started on their work, I worked on Genevieve. She is a real hands on type of child. We worked on a workbook that I bought for her last month with her box of goodies called Spectrum Basic Concepts Preschool. She learned about the color Red. Then we worked on Dora the Explorer Preschool Adventure Pre-K workbook. She practiced prewriting and learning how to follow directions. As we worked together Isaac colored on different pieces of paper and the wall and some of my furniture. LOL He also watched a baby program on the t.v. (I just love those Magic Erasers they keep me sane. LOL)

After the littles hard work, Genevieve and I made a snack for her and Isaac to share. We washed and cut up strawberries and then sprinkled them with Natural sugar. They both enjoyed their snack. At this point, I realize that it's almost lunch time and that if Isaac doesn't get a nap soon that he won't have time for one. So I begin lunch while Allison puts Isaac to sleep. The kids decide they all want hot dogs and for the olders chili on top. I fix that while fixing myself Nachos. Well, Isaac wouldn't go down, so I fix him some nachos with torn up tortilla and a side of Boarshead Turkey. We all enjoy our lunches and then Isaac naps. Now it's 1:00 and we need to leave at 2:00 for YMCA homeschool p.e., Allison and Jon work on their school work for this hour and I spend time with Genevieve. I get out the playdough and we play. I've decided that we need to splurge on some new playdough cause this stuff is gross. LOL I like to make my own but it just doesn't last very long. I really like the texture better though, so I think I'll make some later today. 2:00 rolls here and we rush out the door, late for p.e., and I wake the baby. I hate waking the baby but sometimes it's necessary. We drop off the older kids and come home. I play picnic with Evie and Isaac and then clean up the water spilled all over the blanket we used. LOL I call my mom to see how my dad is doing and she says that he's doing much better. We talk until it's time to pick up the kids at 3:00. I arrive late because the baby needed a diaper change and IT couldn't wait. LOL The older kids are soaked when I pick them up because it was a water fun day so they shower and change when we get home. Afterwards, they finish up some subjects and that's where we are now. I just finished sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor that got sticky from the strawberries and sugar and figured I'd write while I waited for the floor to dry. Isaac is watching t.v. and Evie is playing nicely in her room for "Quiet time". I've found that if she doesn't get "quiet time" that she can't control her behavior during the later hours of the day. Allison and Jon are still working on their school. I will next begin dinner and maybe make playdough at the same time, then spend more time with the littles playing with the new stuff and then we'll eat. After dinner the kids take care of the dishes while Eric and I will go for a walk with the littles and then we'll bathe them while the olders do some reading or if they are all caught up then they'll watch some t.v. or play computer. We will put the littles to bed and then Eric and I will talk about our day together. Then Eric usually goes to play Runescape with Jon, while I go to sleep because I need to be ready for my dawn o'clock wake up tomorrow with Genevieve. LOL (Sometimes we do a family game night once the littles are in bed, but tonight is an early night for me.) So here is "A Day in the Life of the Glasnapps." Hope you enjoy your day!




Jodi said...

Sounds like a good "day in the life" day!

re:home made play doh. Everytime we make home made play doh the dogs try to take it and eat it! They don't touch the play doh from the store which I suppose says something about real playdoh, LOL.

Your dd's wedding cake looks very good, it's amazing what you can mae from playdoh!

Lisa in Jax said...

Yes, it was a good day. I'm thinking about posting an off day also.LOL

I could definitely see dogs doing this. It's amazing what they will eat although I keep finding Isaac eating it also.LOL

Allison has a lot of Artistic talent and she didn't get any of it from me!LOL I'm always amazed at what she comes up with. I just love the texture of this playdough, it's soft and easy for little hands and for detail work for the older kids.

Thanks for writing!