Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Neat Children's Books

I have a couple of really good books that Genevieve has just fallen in love with. We were receiving books from Brighter Vision each month but they have gone out of business, so I've been looking on Amazon each month for books to send to her. Her first favorite is called Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems. This pigeon is just so funny! Genevieve loves how she has to participate in the book in order to keep the pigeon from driving the bus. The pigeon spends the whole book trying to convince your little one to let him drive the bus, just this once, in funny and interesting ways. He pleads, gets mad, tries to fool you and many other ways. At the end, he dreams of driving a truck instead. lol

My next recommendation is My Giant Sticker Activity Book by Priddy Books. This book is amazing! Genevieve spent a whole month putting this book together. She requested this book over a bedtime story most of these nights. It has over 600 stickers that you have to figure out where they go. It has sections on colors, shapes, vehicles, animals, counting, numbers, letters, etc...it's amazing!

We bought both books from Amazon and received them quickly. I just now bought Genevieve her next month's worth of books and I'm hoping that these books will measure up to last months. I'll let you all know. LOL




De'Etta said...

Lisa, how old is Evie? Would those books work for a 4 yo Zander? I want something fun and special to do with HIM...during the school year....but I don't think he's ready for a hard core school....

Lisa in Jax said...

I would say the books are for 4-6yo's. I think Zander would get a kick out of the books. Evie will be 4 on Oct.1st and she needed help with the books. I don't know if you've looked into Playmobil but I usually include a very small set in my "kit" for Evie. Brighter Vision used to come with an activity book, reading book, stickers, and a craft or activity. So I'm trying to re-create it. lol



Jodi said...

What a cute idea to send your dd books and add the playmobil. We used to enjoy Brighter Vision when my 4 were all little sorry to here they went out of business, it was a fun thing to do.

I think even my 7yo would like the giant sticker book, sounds great maybe I will look at that one.

Your meal plan looks good too and glad to here you had a good ultrasound, so exciting!

Jodi from SHS

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks Jodi! It started because the kids would get all this curriculum and books in the mail and Evie would ask which box was hers. I just had to send her something and decided that I would go with quality. She only gets one box a month so it's not too expensive but I do try to find things that will keep her busy for that whole month.

I'm finally enjoying cooking again. I was so sick but we really ate well because my son Jon has taken to cooking. He made dinner for us last night. LOL I am definitely going to encourage this hobby!

Thanks for writing!