Monday, December 10, 2007

My Daily Ramblings...

So it's been another crazy week. I need to find time to update more often! Saturday we spent the day going to the dump. We were doing a clean up of the backyard. It was pretty embarrassing how bad it had gotten over the past year. We still need to go back another day but the yard is looking much better.

Once the yard was finished, I made black beans and rice for the church and Eric ran Jon to the church for practice. Then Jon had a Christmas recital at our church. It went well and we had a nice time fellowshipping afterwards at the potluck dinner. We left Allison behind to watch over the sleeping little ones and of course they all woke up while we were gone.LOL She handled things nicely though.

Sunday was church again. I really like our church! They love having the littles in the service and don't mind when they get a little noisey. It's a real blessing to have a place to worship. Eric took the littles and Jon to the park afterwards and they had a great time. I stayed home with Sophia and spent some time talking with Allison about her school work and her plans after graduation. It was nice to have that time together!

Today, we've been busy baking again. We've made 4 more banana breads, some oatmeal cookies, sandies, and last night we made chocolate chip again.

Then I ran Allison to her Dr's appt. I was thinking it would be a quick 10 minute thing and I'm so thankful that my MIL offered to watch all the other kids. It was an hour appt! First off, I must say that I LOVE our new dr! He is a wonderful, Christian DO who is amazing with my kids. We found him when Isaac and Sophia woke with ear infections a few Mondays ago. I tried to get appts with their peditrician but they were booked. I was going to run them to the urgent care center and was passing by this new office that just opened up and decided to stop in and see if they could fit us in. The receptionist is his wife and they homeschool their kids! Pretty cool. I felt at home immediately and Dr. Baglino has a wonderful personality and is amazing with the kids. I am switching everyone over to him and will see him myself in January. Well, back to Allison, (lol) I think he adjusted every bone in her body. She said that she felt great afterwards. She will need an MRI of her knee because she's got some issues going on there but he helped her with the pain and she's feeling better than she has in a long while. What a blessing this Dr is!

Well, here are some photos...

Allison and Isaac: Two peas in a pod.
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Are you comfy Jon?
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You caught me Mom!
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Here are five of the chickens I made...gotta love my roaster!
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Here are those fancy cookies...
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Here is the current condition of our Christmas tree. Notice the lack of ornaments on the bottom half and all the candy canes on the very top.LOL
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Debbie said...

What a busy week. I'm so glad everyone is feeling better again and you are back to full swing.

I had to chuckle at your tree. I remember when Gabe was a toddler, ours looked similar! I would readjust all the ornaments each night and he would take them off or move them around every day. We put all the soft, unbreakable ones on the bottom half.

Always love the pictures.

De'Etta said...

Glad you found a DO you like.

FUNNY TREE - I GOT it without even having to read the caption - I have a tree just like this and have for years. LOL

De'Etta said...

Hmmm did my comment reach you? I got an error.

I wanted to tell you that our trees have looked just like yours for years. I didn't even HAVE to read why your tree looked like it does. LOL

Jodi said...

I'm glad that you have settled into a church that you really like.

Also glad you found a great new doctor!

I've had many a tree like that, little kids, young or just plain crazy cats, it's always something after any low placed ornaments!

Southern Belle said...

Thanks for stopping by my BTW my is up now. I pushed a button accidentally. It is open now.

Have a GREAT Christmas!
Beth in GA

Kristine said...

#1. AWESOME about your new doc!!!

#2. AWESOME about your church. The one my dh felt so drawn to? Has nothing for the teens on Sundays, just on Wed. nights. That's okay, but one of our priorities is a GREAT teen program . . . we shall see.

#3. LOVE the tree. What a perfect picture of your family life this year. If you think about your tree in 20 years or so, it might be "perfect" but a little more sad, you know?!

Lisa in Jax said...


It's been a great couple of weeks. What a blessing to have everyone feeling good and to be able to spend some time doing fun things with them all.

I think the photo of the tree will be a good memory when everyone is grown.LOL

We L O V E our new Dr! I couldn't be happier. If you all knew how chicken I am when it comes to dr's, you'd know how big this really is.LOL

And our church has been nothing but a blessing to our family! We've been praying for a place for many years and God had a place prepared for us. What more can I say but that I'm in awe of God's hand in our lives.

Thanks Beth! Love the site and am going to use it with the littles this next year.



Cynthia said...

So glad you found a new dr that you like. Did Allison do something to her knee that I missed?