Friday, December 28, 2007

The Day After Christmas...

I went SHOPPING!LOL You'd think I would have had enough of shopping by now but no, I was raring to go. I went early to Kohl's for their after Christmas sale. I was able to get Eric a nice wool coat over half off, sweaters for barely anything, a cute little housecoat for Evie for $9 and all of Isaac's birthday gifts for less than half the price. Then I travelled to Radio Shack. They were supposedly having a sale on Wii accessories but they were sold out. I was able to get one of those cute little microcars for Isaac's birthday for $9.00 and I bought Jon an airplane that was marked down from $80 to $19.99. I also bought him a computerized bug that was so cute for $8. All in all a good day. We had one of Allison's friends spend the night and Eric took the girls out shopping at Kohl's from 9-11pm. They had a good time and Eric bought me a new knife set from Chicago Cutlery and a new 12 inch pan from Food Network. Both needed and really nice!

It was a good sale day.LOL



Cynthia said...

WHOO HOO! That's GREAT shopping Lisa. I've also done a little birthday shopping so I can try to stay ahead of the game again this year.

Kristine said...

Lisa, I've been missing you at SHS, glad to see all is well and you're having a good week!

(Argh, I so miss Kohl's!!)

Lisa in Jax said...


My plan is to get all shopping done at least a month ahead of time for each birthday or holiday. I'm tired of running around at the last moment feeling the stress. Sounds like you have the same plan!


Thanks! I have been very busy and stressed lately. Too much for me to do and not enough hands to go around. lol I'm trying to figure out a decent schedule that doesn't have me getting up at dawn and in bed after 11.LOL

I love Kohls! If you visit, we'll have to go.