Sunday, December 30, 2007

The HomeScholar Preparing To Homeschool HighSchool DVD's

I just finished watching this three dvd set on homeschooling the highschooler. All I can say is Wow! These dvds really helped me to feel confident in continuing our homeschooling. Lee helped me to see where I am doing things right and also showed me ways to make our homeschooling better. I loved the sections on recordkeeping and on specialization. I don't think I even considered some of my kids areas of focus to be something for us to work on as subjects but it makes so much sense! She really helped me to see where to focus our energies this next year. If you are new to homeschooling a highschooler or even if you've been homeschooling for quite some time, I would highly recommend buying these dvds. I have learned quite a lot from this amazing resource!

Here is the website:

The price for this three DVD set is $75 and worth far more than this cost.

I will be reviewing her next dvd: Teachable Moments: Big Scholarships in my next post...


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