Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Daily Ramblings...

This sums up our week.

I've not been feeling too good lately. Probably a combo of late nights and early mornings, coupled with the cold that was shared so graciously with

We started our Advent studies on Sunday. We've never studied Advent before, but we're all enjoying the time together. Evie is THRIVING on this time! It's amazing to see her happily listening to the study, coloring her picture, and then listening to Jothom's Journey. I sweeten the pot by handing out a handful of candy to everyone at the beginning, right before we light the candle.

I am trying to make this Christmas season more memorable and more focused on Christ. We are getting the littles excited about what we are doing each day, not just on the presents that will be there on Christmas day. We're also scaling back the presents this year. It's been a tough year financially for us, but instead of that being a bad thing, it has allowed us to see what we really want to be doing at this time of year. What do we really need? I think for us, we need to come closer to God and to form better bonds with our kids. We're spending more time together, we're making gifts for others, we're spending more time in the Word together, we're happy! It's been a blessing and a gift in itself.

I've been scaling back my computer time lately. Just not enough of me to go around. It's all I can do to get everyone's medicines delivered on time each day, but I WANT to do more! I've got my list and plan to work my way through it as I can.

Allison is really trucking on her school work! It's amazing how well she's doing. She's been a reluctant learner the past few years, so to see her working hard again is a blessing. I went through all her work this past weekend and she's set to finish some subjects by January and all the rest by February! Good job Allison! She's taking more subjects starting in February, but to finish full credit courses in less than a year, takes stamina! She'll be graduating in no time if she keeps this pace.

Jon is doing We had some issues with laziness so he is now taking about 10-12 different subjects. That should help. He's taking MUS Algebra 1, Jacob's Algebra, 10 Things all Mathematicians need to know, Keys to Geometry, Abeka History, Abeka Science, Apologia Biology, Abeka Literature, Understanding the Times, two biographies on missionaries, Abeka Health, Japanese, Matin Latin, and a few more things I can't remember off the top of my head. Hopefully, once this year is over, next year's work will look like a walk in the park.LOL

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'm in the process of making a grocery list, going through my coupons, and ironing a million clothes. lol



De'Etta said...

Like you Lisa I've had to scale down what I do and also my expectations of what I SHOULD be able to accomplish in a day.

My new motto is simplify. I hadn' realized I said this so often but I've had two young moms tell me this week that they are doing less and following my motto to simplify. LOL

Way to go Allison!

I'm sorry the kids have been feeling ick and you yourself - life is always greyer when one doesn't feel well....and my kids always get a bit out of control when I'm not feeling well and it takes a bit of time to get them back "on".
Praying that things settle down soon for you.

Kristine said...

Lisa, it sounds like you are off to a great start for Advent! This can be such a special time of year even as the kids continue their school work, adding (substituting!) things in to tie in with Christ's birth, and also giving a needed boost when the school year's beginning to drag.

Great job, both Allison and Jon too!

Emily said...

Hope you all feel better soon!