Friday, November 02, 2007

My Daily Ramblings...

Now it says on Photobucket that I reduced the size of the photos but on here it's showing them fullsized.LOL Oh well, enjoy them anyway.

Here is Evie in her halloween costume. What a ham.LOL
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Isaac decided to be Santa Claus. Everyone got a kick out of him. They kept saying he was a little early.LOL We don't even celebrate Santa but he loved the costume.
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Isaac decided not to wear the hat and Sophia was a good sport and hung on to it for him...
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Here is the new door! Yay! You wouldn't believe how many people in the neighborhood came by to ask what in the world happened. Some, just checked my We were boring and chose close to what we orginally had. I like it though and it goes well with the house.
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Debbie mentioned the Knifty Knitter on her blog when she met up with Lisa from Maine. Well, I went to Michaels and they had the whole set for half off! Here are my first creations---two hats! I had to bribe Isaac with gum to pose for me. I guess you get what you pay for.LOL
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This photo of Evie is probably the best photo I've gotten of her in a long while! It'll definitely be on the calendar this year! She's so beautiful.
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Well, I've been frantically running around all day today. Jon is leaving for a middle school youth gathering in Orlando with our church at 4:15 today. Yikes! I've got the last load of his clothes in the dryer right now. I went to the store to buy appropriate traveling food. I baked granola bars. I've packed his lunch and snacks for the whole weekend. I've gathered up all the odds and ends he needs and just need to shove it all in his bag once all the clothes are dry. How's that for waiting until the last minute?lol I think my brain went on strike and just didn't compute that I'd actually have to DO stuff to get him out the door Luckily, I figured it out this morning and have most of it done now. I hope this trip is a blessing for Jon and that he makes like minded friends from our church.



De'Etta said...

Ah will Jon have dry or wet clothes in Orlando - the question of the day. ::snort::

I'm impressed at the hats you made....and I like the new door too. Cute photos.

Debbie said...

Lisa, the kids look so cute.

I can't believe you have made those hats are pro! I just finished my latest cross-stitch project, so I can try a hat.

Lisa in Jax said...

I guess we'll have to see.LOL Hopefully he'll be dry and he'll have a great time.

Thanks both of you! The Knifty Knitter is fun and easy. Two combos that I I'm going to buy more yarn tomorrow and hope to knit something for everyone. Should be fun!


I love to crochet but just don't have the time and I also used to knit but don't like it as much. This is fun though and I've found some neat patterns on-line for others things too. I can't wait to get more yarn!lol

Cynthia said...

Sounds like Jon is headed off on a fun trip!

Kristine said...

TOO cute with the kids in costumes!!!

You are brave to let your neighbors read your blog, lol! I'd definitely stick to the safe, boring choice too. Although I wouldn't consider it to be "boring"!

I really like your hats. I can't believe all that you do, and now you're knitting on top of all of that. When in the world do you SLEEP?

Praying for Jon's trip and friendships that bring God's glory for him.

Jodi said...

Those hats are great! Is it something even a person who has never been able to figure out knitting would be able to use?

The kids look cute in their Halloween costumes.

Glad to see that you got a new garage door already, it looks good.