Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer Clean-up Challenge...

O.k. Ladies, This is the final weekend before the end of this month's challenge.

For myself, I plan on getting those locks on the cabinets and closet door so that I don't have to keep cleaning this room over and over and over I would still like to at least get some pictures on the walls this weekend. I wanted to paint but that just isn't going to happen with Allison gone til Wednesday.

I'm very happy that you all want to join me for another month! I'm going to try to tackle a few problem areas this next month. I think I'd like to tackle the laundry room and maybe my room. My room is not good at all.LOL Sophia is growing so fast that a few of the things in my room will be relocated and I'm also going to be tackling all the outgrown clothes. I have 5 kids worth of outgrown clothes to go through. ACK!




Liz said...

It's Saturday ... maybe I can get them to clean a little this am? I had Kate clean the microwave & refrigerator while the rest of us were at the water park -- does that count for anything? >snort<
If my sunburn dies down a little we'll tackle the school piles.

Mylinda said...

Well, Lisa, I'd join the summer clean up, but alas, I can't find anything, even the cleaning supplies! So, maybe we can do a fall clean up thing. Hey, I'm just happy I got the girls' schoolwork from last year sorted and organized in the portfolio. Now, I can concentrate on this year...sort of! lol

Debbie said...

Lisa, I am done!!!! What a job!

I've posted pictures on my blog.

Thanks again for the great challenge. It really motivated me. I have several areas that I hope to get done in August.

Lisa in Jax said...


Cleaning is cleaning. I'm not picky.LOL


Find those supplies and join us for this coming month! I know you've had a rough month and there is nothing worse than relocating your whole laundry room, so go easy on yourself.


I am soooo proud of you! You have really done a great job.

De'Etta said...

The challenge has been fun. Thanks for hosting it.

We are considering switching some rooms around - maybe I'll do it in August since the challenge is continuing.....

Lisa in Jax said...

That's a hard challenge! I've done that before just recently and my poor dh was overworked.LOL Looks good