Friday, July 20, 2007

My Daily Ramblings...

This was a hard week, no getting around it.LOL Isaac had his surgery on Tuesday morning, it went well. He's such a great little boy, except for right now as he tries to type with his toes while I'm blogging.LOL While he was gone, I played with Evie. It's a little hard to play board games when Isaac is here because he always thinks all the people should be his and then he'll decide that the spinner should be his also and after a while, well, the whole game should be his.LOL So Evie and I had a nice time playing Candyland, Shoots and Ladders, and a Diego game. It was really nice to be able to focus on helping her understand good sportsmanship and to be a good sport when I, I mean, you lose.LOL Even Jon got in on a game or two and enjoyed the time. I think we're going to make this a tradition while Isaac has his surgery. It took our minds off of worry and made it into a good bonding time.

As my kids get older, God has been gently showing me that I need to be firm in my faith and not afraid to share my faith with others. I am blessed that God is so loving and forgiving towards me and I am learning so much. I remember when I first began opening my bible. I used to get so....frustrated!!! What in the world does it all mean? How in the world is this supposed to apply to my life? Why can't this make sense?!?!?LOL Some kind friends would tell me to read what other people said on the different books in the bible and then some would say no, study with the inductive method, and then some would say just read it over and over until it made sense.LOL

What I've come to understand during this journey, is that there is no easy way. It is hard work to understand the writings of God. You must have a desire--a need, to begin to make headway. You must first TRUST in God and He will make His words have meaning to you. Whew, that's hard for me. I've never been good on Now I know that there isn't a wrong way to read the bible, God will bless your efforts and someday when you are reading, you'll be surprised that you understand and that it really will apply to your life. Just use what works, pray, pray, and pray some more and God will bless your efforts. I hope this encourages anyone who is frustrated with the bible to keep it up. It's hard work but it's so worth it.




Kristine said...

Lisa, isn't it a blessing to have that time alone with Evie? Even with two kids, their "mom" time was completely opposite. Holly had me all to herself. Trevor had Holly; I let them play together and never really played with him much alone when he was little. I've always said that each child is born into a completely different family than the other children in that family, don't you think that's true?!

Good post about your Bible. I try to find a balance to share with others (I'm talking family here) and not come across as too overwhelming. It's a tough balance for me, because I do want to keep that communication open.

Lisa in Jax said...

Yes, I'm definitely not the same mom that Allison and then Jon had. I think in some ways I'm better and then in some ways I'm not.LOL I'm definitely more tired this time around.LOL

Thanks! It is a balance or maybe a

Cynthia said...

Hang in there!

De'Etta said...


I've been praying for you. I'm sorry it was such a rough week. Good post on the Bible.

Jodi said...

It sure is nice when we can carve out a little individual time for a child. Glad you had fun with Evie.

Know what you mean about the bible.God must give us grace though, I am so bad about bible reading yet I have a kid (Colin-9) who shouts about Jesus from the rooftops, or at least the big rocks at th lake. He has been a mini missionary to his crowd of little friends the past two summers. It's cute and funny although he goes overboard at times too whn he finds someone who doesn't believe. Then I have to gently remind him that people can have their own opinion. I have to wonder if he'll be a preacher or a missionary, that is if he is not a chef or croc hunter kinda guy. LOL

Lisa in Jax said...

Yes, I got some good time in with Evie. Today was alone time with Isaac and Sophia. It's nice when I get some time without them all, I'm able to enjoy them better.